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Hi ladies.

Sorry about this pretty gross question, but I'm getting worried.

I have suspected endometriosis (laparoscopy in 2 weeks) And on the implants to stop periods. I don't really get them at all.

A few days ago I was having sex with my partner, and it hurt way less than usual, but I noticed a little bit of blood after we finished.

Now, the next day I started bleeding, at first brown blood and then bright red, with lots of clots.

Should I be worried, or is it possible for sex to induce a period? It's been going on for 2 days now.

Also, when I do get periods they last about 3 weeks at a time. Would it delay my surgery if this happens?

Thank you for being awesome ladies!

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This happened to me once; when I went to A&E, they said it was probably (but could not be sure) that a small chocolate cyst had burst and/or the pressure of the penis penetrating had 'dislodged' the endometrium and kick started my period. I don't see why or how it could delay the surgery (I've had two when on periods).

If it continues and/or you're not normally due on maybe pop to your GP and see what they think.


Hey! Thanks for your reply. Glad to know there's someone who can relate!

Yeh I never know when I'm due, thing in that sense are super erratic.

Glad to hear this won't delay the surgery! Was really worried about that.


They won't delay your surgery if you have your period. In fact there may even be a benefit, as your endometriosis will be at it's most obvious.

If you have a lot of pain, or you are concerned, it's worth seeing your GP for a check over, but it is quite common to have spotting or breakthrough bleeding on various hormones based meds, so could be that.

Hope the lap goes well.


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