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Ovulation question

Hi all, I've been tracking my cycle for the last six months or so. I'm having a lap in a couple of weeks and we want to start trying after that. At first I thought they were just randomly irregular but now I see a pattern - every odd month I'm late; around a week or so; every even month I'm on time or a few days early. I was tracking it as I want to have blood tests but it's hard to know when to schedule one.

I'm now slightly panicked that one of my ovaries is not working - would this make sense? I don't know anywhere near enough about this.

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This is happening to me also - every other month a week late etc. however I have now discovered that I have a 10cm cyst on one of my ovaries and wonder if this might be the cause?


It could well be a cyst - my last scan was December so it's possible I have a cyst now / maybe a blocked tube (one was stuck to my bowel before). I guess I'll find out when I have my lap. I really hope things sort themselves out for you x


My GP and gynaecologist both say the cyst needs to be removed - I'm seriously considering a hysterectomy as I've had very painful and heavy periods since I was 14 and I'm fed up and exhausted. I haven't discussed this yet (all the women in my mums side of the family ended up having hysterectomies for similar reasons)

Good luck with your lap - hope everything gets sorted for you too xx

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Please be very careful if you're considering a hyst - although the periods would stop, endo will still spread and I know some women who have ended up worse off afterwards. Have you tried something like zoladex? It's not for everyone but it made an enormous difference to me when I was on it - unfortunately I stayed on it too long (it's only licensed for six months and I took it for 24) which caused me some hormonal issues. A hyst where the ovaries and all endo is removed at the same time can help, but there's always the risk of ovarian remnant syndrome, or Endo regrowth from HRT so it's a really tricky area. If your periods are your only problem it's worth considering a hyst but if you have other issues like large cysts, bowel issues etc, it may not help :(


Aside from the endo and cysts (large on one ovary, multiple small ones on the other), I do have asthma, IBS, a hernia and (suspected) heart problems. Oh yes - and increasing weight gain which is impossible to shift. My main concern is needing to have multiple ops as it seems as though many people are on their 4th or 5th op - I guess I wanted to get rid of everything in one fell swoop as I'm petrified of having surgery - in particular having the general anaesthetic (so if I can avoid multiple surgeries then that's better).

Hmmm - all the women on my mums side ended up having hysterectomies for various gynelogical complaints, though as far as I know, none of them presented with endo symptoms. I've suffered from very heavy painful periods from day one and I'm fed up of it. As I've got older it has brought other symptoms with it (as mentioned above). I don't know what to do for the best really. My gyneacologist has not suggested a historectomy as an option but they definitely want to remove the large cyst.

Currently I have been on micronor (progesterone) for 10 months and aside from feeling totally off the rails for a few months when I started, I now get a 7-9 day period instead of a 9-12 day one. It has stopped the heavy bleeding and clotting, but hasn't really done much for the pain :-(

I have heard about the endo continuing after a hyst. The pain can even continue after menapause too. There's no escape! :-(



Best advice I can give you is chill out about it all and let it be. I was getting really stressed told I only had 18 months to conceive then blood tests showed I "

"wasn't ovulating".....as well as all the tracking looking like I wasn't. so I was gutted and sort of defeated. Gave up mentally stopped obsessing. Then literally 2 weeks later I was pregnant. Relax and it will make it much easier. Good luck. xxx


Honestly I haven't really been worrying about it until now - I think I've just been worried this month as my last one was 4 days early (while I was in paris - thanks body) and now this one is a week late. I've been in pain for a week and I just want it to start as the first couple of days are awful, it's like waiting for a bomb to go off :-/ Oh well, I'm sure it will turn up eventually. I'm definitely not pregnant so something is going on, it may just be stress - at least I'm having a lap so I'll know if there's anything visible going on. Thanks again x


The month before my lap, I did not ovulate according to my OPK's. Not sure if it was due to my stress level or the 10 mm endometrioma they found on my ovary that had twisted it down. There was endo on my other ovary too but not nearly as bad. I have had positive OPK's in the past but now that you mention it my positives came 5 days later when I started exercising....


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