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Ovulation and TTC with endo question??

Hey all, I used to use the boards about 10 years ago - Im back as I just don't know who else go turn to?? I'm 32 and have had endo at various stages since I was 13 - although diagnosed at 18. I've recently had 2 miscarriages and now my gp has told me that I'm not ovulating?? Has anyone else had problems like this with endo?? I don't think I've ovulated since my last mc in feb and I just don't know what to do anymore?? I only has my endo treated (surgically) in December and my consultant is reluctant to treat it again so soon so I don't know what options I have?? Has anyone tried clomid with endo?? And if so did it work??

Thanks in advance.


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I haven't got any experience with this but I really feel for you - I hope you find an answer and that everything is ok for you xxx


Have they tested for PCOS?



Thanks for your reply both - I was told I had pcos once but then they said I didn't. My periods are fairly regular though, just no ovulation :( xx


Hi, a friend of mine was put on clomid and she conceived after several months. Good luck x


Hi, not sure if this helps, but I am also trying to conceive. My doctor said I was not ovulating so sent me to a specialist who then confirmed I was! Has your consultanted done any further tests? xxx


Hey, thanks for the reply. I'm waiting to see someone at the recurrent miscarriage clinic and also waiting for an appointment with a fertility specialist, so hopefully they should be able to come up with something. Just feel like its going to be such a long road at the mo :( x


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