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Are ovulation tests necessary to give you the best chance of getting pregnant with endo?

Hi, I'm 28, stage 3 endo, got pregnant on 3rd month of TTC after surgery, but had a miscarriage in Feb at 7weeks.

Took a while for my cycles to get back to normal, but Iv ovulated last 5 months and still no pregnancy 😭

I get quite stressed out tracking my cycles, & I find it puts a lot of pressure on our sex when I know I'm ovulating, so wasn't sure whether I should stop testing & just keep doing the deed instead every other day! But don't want to reduce my chances of falling!

What's your thoughts!!?xxx

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I think testing is good .

I did not have that back in my day or at least it was so expensive to get

But you know the three days and you know when' to expect your period .

So yes an info that helps guide the whole thing

It is so easy to forget that we are making love and not just having sex as planned.

It does take a toll on a couple.

Then others seem to get pg so easy. The family

The baby showers

All of it takes a huge toll

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Thanks for your reply Shelley, it does take its toll when I'm at the age where everyone around me is starting a family x


Hi Laura,

Firstly I'm sorry to hear you miscarried and hope you've had the support you need. No, l do not believe ovulation tests are necessary at all! As you've said yourself, they are making you stressed and the more stressed you are the harder it will be to conceive. I know only too well the disappointment each month but hard as it is, the best thing to do is try to relax and have sex as much as you can. I know it's not always enjoyable and for most of us quite the opposite but my consultant suggested sex every other day which is what we did and I now have a very happy 9 month old son.

Prior to his arrival, I was diagnosed with stage 4 via surgery with removal in 2013 age 31 and told l ought to try sooner rather than later if l wanted a family. We had planned to get married the following year so l went on hormone treatment for 6 months whilst we got our heads round my diagnosis and the possibility we would never be parents naturally. We began trying straight away and l too conceived after 3 months, however, suffered a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. We initially conceived on our late honeymoon, when l wasn't even thinking about it!

Fortunately we conceived again 3 months later and although we were more focused this time, I never tracked my ovulation as knew l would get even more worked up so my advice would be-throw them away! Book yourself a mini break or have some time together at home to relax and enjoy each other's company. I wish you lots of luck, I hope my story helps you chill out a bit! Xx

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Hi Jakey, thanks for your reply. Congratulations on your son too 😊 It's reassuring to know you fell with grade 4 endo, gives me hope x


So sorry to hear youve misscarried before, i use OPK only because sex is so painful for me and the thought of this every other day il never survive lol. I know i always ovulate around day 11 so i simply use 3 max a month just to check and its always the same roughly. Weve been trying for over a year and ive been diagnosed with stage 4 :( i loose more hope after every agonising period! Wishing you all the best! X

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Hi Emma, thanks for your reply. I know, My body plays tricks on me & I seem to convince myself every month that im pregnant & then I get so disappointed when my period comes & feel silly for imagining up signs of pregnancy, like sore boobs etc. Sometimes I have sex and it's fine & other times I have sex & it can be painful, very strange!! I know a few girls with stage 4 who fell fairly easily with IVF & Jakey above has a lovely son so don't loose hope. Good luck Hun xxx


I know how you feel, sadly period and pregnancy has the same syptoms so annoying!! I know i read so many sucsess stories just waiting for our turn, hopefuly once ive had my removal op! Best of luck to you :) x



I'm no dr but knowing what I now know I'd do INVITRO right off

If not possible ask to have your eggs frozen


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