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Burning pain the whole of my left side upper and lower

Im hoping someone can help me I'm 17 and I have been told I could possibly have endo from having burning pain in my left upper and lower abdominal which sometimes can feel achy if stomach is pushed or something is irritating it like wearing jeans it's not bad to the point I cannot walk it can just be very annoying. I had a scan done and 2 very small blood filled cysts were found on the right ovary which was surprising because I had no pain in the right side it was my left. Nothing was to be seen on the left and I have had two periods since which have been fine, I can tell the difference between this pain and normal period pain which I have been experiencing since I started. My gp referred me to gynie and asked for a laparoscopy she suggested the contraceptive pill and said she'd prefer not to do a laparoscopy due to my age and and risks of hitting my bowel ect. It's so frustrating not knowing what's wrong? I also experience burning and cramps In my back at times, cluster headaches also on the left side? So what do I do go on the contraceptive pill and then come off in 6 months and see if it helps and be in the same position again? Does the contraceptive pill help with endo tissue , implants ect? My cyst have been put down as hammorhagic cysts? Or do I push fora laparoscopy? I'm so young and confused it's so upsetting I know there's probably worse off people out there just nice to know some advice????

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Hi - the main reason that many women from their mid 20's or so are found to have severe endo is that they were told at your age that the symptoms are normal or that contraceptives will sort out any endo. It is true that very mild endo can be controlled and even regressed by contraceptives but the potential problem then is that they can mask progression of disease. Adolescents such as yourself can then just put up with worsening symptoms for several years until they become too severe to cope with and find themselves in a situation that could have been avoided with proper treatment at the outset.

If the cysts are haemorrhagic these are 'functional' cysts and considered a normal consequence of ovulation that happens sometimes so these would't be associated with endo.

The most common sites for endo are the ovaries and tubes, the back of the uterus and a place called the Pouch of Douglas between the back of the vagina and the rectum. If you do have endo then general burning sensations would be typical of inflammation but back pain could indicate POD involvement. The fact that the gynae has mentioned the bowel suggest that she is thinking this and quite frankly a gynaecologist who won't do a lap because of fear that she might damage your bowel shouldn't be seeing women for suspected endo.

You really do need to find out sooner rather than later so that you can be treated properly from the start. I suggest you request a referral to a specialist endo centre for a lap but taking contraceptives would usually be recommended too. The NHS protocol for suspected endo applies from age 16 so you are not too young for a lap if done by a proper specialist. These are the guidelines that apply - note that it is your choice whether you have a lap:


Click on my name and look at my post on how to find a specialist centre. Where in the UK are you?



I'm in Essex, and thanks for the advice and help. I appreciate it.


When I was a little girl I was also under great ormond street for my bowels. I have burning pain in the left side of the back lower, under the ribs, to lower. I tend to get the aches and sharp pains coming into the pelvic bone are starting from the left side of my belly button downwards into the bladder area which is sharp pains and aches. Also I have always been bad with constipation since a little girl and with the pain I get a lot of gas build up


Are these other symptoms worse at period time even though they are different?


yes this month has been and since I've been on into 2 days, menustraul cramps are gone after 1-2 days, I get burning pain in my back lower its like I have heartburn in the abdominal is the best way to describe it. It makes rumbling noises and seems to get more achy near the pelvis bone on the left side top of the groin. It doesn't get bad to the point I can't walk or anything it just is very annoying. My gp is so good though.


Hi there,

It does sound like you could have endo, I have left sided pain and difficulties walking due to it too. I wouldn't be put off having a lap due to age - the sooner you have a diagnosis the sooner you can have appropriate treatment!

At your age in particular good treatment is essential so you can develop your life goals the way you want and remain in touch with your peers.

Go to your gp and say you weren't happy with the general gynae's response, ask for a referral to an endo specialist, preferably at a specialist centre


That way you can discuss everything through with someone who knows what they're talking about and can get you the proper help.

I would suggest that the consultant you saw previously was possibly playing the softly softly approach ie. Try the pill - see how it goes before committing to surgery. I can also see the point of that too - I have a friend who started having surgery at 17, by 24 had had several the scar tissue of which had caused nearly as many problems as the initial prob of pcos - she wasn't diagnosed with endo until 28 despite all the gynae docs as she hadn't seen a specialist - hence why it's important from the beginning!

Going on the pill does dampen down endo symptoms and can prevent some growth and progression of the disease. It's likely to be the first port of call that a specialist would make anyway as it's the treatment that's easiest on the patient. I would definitely start on the pill and see if it helps. Continue to pursue a further gynae consult as if you do have endo it will need firstly diagnosis and secondly management.

Wishing you all the best of luck, feel better xx


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