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Pain on left side

Hi everyone

I'm yet to be diagnosed with endo but I'm still 99% sure that's what it is, anyway I've never had this pain before so I'm wondering if it's linked, I've had excruciating pain in my left side going from my kidney area all the way to my ovary area and often shooting down my left leg too! It seems to move round from back to front often as well and it's either a sharp stabbing on occasion or the worst dull ache ever that just hasn't left in threee weeks 😥 I went to a and e and they said it might be a kidney infection due to my high temperature at the time but antibiotics only seemed to relieve the flu symptoms and not this horrendous pain! I've just now started this month and the pain hasn't relieved which I thought it might as I suspected it was just ovulating pain but surely that wouldn't continue throughout period as well right? Anyone else had this?

Thanks x

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I have this; it was having this chronic pelvic pain on my lower left that led to having a laparoscopy! I thought it was ovary pain doh! It turned out to be endometriosis in my pouch of Douglas; area between uterus and rectum. Unfortunately it regrow back and more was there on my second lap; I’m now under an endometriosis specialist as it’s all over my rectum ; signed my consent form for my third lap with an endo specialist who can hopefully remove the endometriosis in my rectum 🙈the wait is 20-30 weeks 😱

Are you on a waiting list for a laparoscopy? xoxo


Aw I'm sorry to hear that, i hope everything goes well for you! I was on the list then got booked in, freaked out and cancelled it, I'm an extremely anxiety filled person and the idea of surgery risks got the better of me, but now I have no idea still what's the cause of my pain, I went for an ultrasound for the hundredth time Tuesday and absolutely nothing 😩 They are now sending me for a colonoscopy instead as they think it's gastro related but I'd put money on it being endo with the sort of symptoms I've been having for 10 years + xxx


I had this kind of pain and it turned out to be an ovarian cyst caused by endometriosis

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This is what worries me, having scan today to check!


Best of luck! x


Hi there, I know your post is a few months old but I am having very similar problems starting literally the day my period ends- did you find out what yours was from?? x


Hiya, I'm sorry to hear that I actually recently posted once again as the pain had gotten worse and all scans so far have been clear, I am going to see a gynaecologist in October I will post any updates! Xxx


Oh no how frustrating! I’ve had a lap twice before and endo removesd- my pains have been getting worse every month but today I have finally admitted defeat and asked doc for a referral to go private!!! Endo is an awful thing to have isn’t it!!

Hope you manage to get yours sorted xx


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