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Mirena & endometriosis, please help!

Hi girls, I'm in need for some advice as I'm getting no where with my doctor - excuse for the info but I need help!

So when I was 18 I fell pregnant (silly mistake) & decided I wanted an abortion as I was not mentally or physically ready. When I got the abortion I opted for the mirena as I was told this was a great option for me as I have always had severe period pains. Plus I was one hell of a moody teenager so this would calm my moods. A few years after that I had been fine but every time if the month I would be in so much agony & I would constantly bleed even with the Mirena. After 3 years of this pain I finally was referred to a gynaecologist who wanted to do a laparoscopic surgery as it sounded like endo.

Once I had the surgery everything got even worse! I was in so much pain I would faint & throw up I could barely move my legs & my body was numb. I had to move to Wales from Australia for my partner to get his visa & when I arrived the doctors have me Microgynon 30 to help with the pain (although I'm still in agony even if I don't take it on a specific time) the doctors over here will not refer me to a gynaecologist until they here from my Aussie doctors but I can't get a hold of them! Do you think removing the Modena would be the best idea & just stick to the pill? I've had such bad anxiety & panic attacks the last few months I don't think I'm getting any better!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks girls. X

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