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First period post lap

Hello ladies I've not posted in a while but here goes. I had a lap 3 weeks ago to remove endo around my left overy, this was excised. I also had peritoneal/para-rectal Endo of about 2cm treated by diathermy. I'm back at work having recovered from the surgery but I had my first period after surgery start at the weekend. This has to have been the worst pain experienced so far, feeling really down as if the surgery was for nothing. Has anybody experienced the same after surgery? Will it get better or do I need to go back to my GP/specialist.

I was treated in a specalist centre so have full confidence in my surgeon who was brilliant.

Absolutely gutted to be feeling worse! Hoping it will get better?

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Hello.... I had my lap three weeks ago also. Got my first period since yesterday and it was also the most painful ever. It hurt to move, to sit everything. It almost felt as if I was back recovering from the op. Like you I was upset but knowing its not just me that feels that way has made me feel better! Hope this helps



I had a lap last year and just had my second, I haven't had a period after this lap yet but I remember last year like you say it was so painful! Mine got better by 3 months, I think it must just be due to everything being played around with and still being tender but yeah don't worry it does get better as hard as it is in the mean time :)


Hey him sorry you're in so much pain. I had my lap 2 months ago and completely understand your pain. It was the most horrific pain I've ever experienced.

It happens because our insides sometimes take longer to heal than the outside but it will get better. That's what I was told by my gp and consultant. The first couple of periods aren't going to be great pain wise but hopefully it will start to improve as you heal.

If the pain becomes too much go to your gp and see what painkillers they can suggest.

Hope you feel better x


From what I can remember in the past it is quite normal for the first 1 or 2 periods to be heavier and painful after a lap because of the work that has been done. I had my 4th lap a week ago and I got my period 2 days later and even that was heavier then normal so not looking forward to my next one much.


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