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I need help

Hi my name is Tiffany I'm 20 years old sorry if this is to much detailed but I can't get to see my doctor and I'm really worried my periods are regular I have always come on on the 21st of each month and finished the 25th but this month I came on on the 26th and the blood is a lot mire brighter than normal and I'm also in a lot of pain and being sick can any one help please x

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Some times the dates change.. If yor around a few women, it can alter the start date of yor cycle... Keep bugging yor g.p though...x


You need to get to see or at least speak to your gp - you can ring your surgery and see if a doc can give you a call back.

Everything is confidential and they've heard it all before so don't be embarrassed.

This could be a one off, you could be stressed or have an infection, you might have a tummy bug at the same time, or it could be something more serious but you really need to see a doctor to have this checked out x


If the pain and sickness continues and your GP isn't helping, go to A&E as (worse case scenario) you may have a cyst and this could have burst. Irregularity is not uncommon however and stress does alter cycles; if the blood is brighter than normal though I would definitely see a doctor as soon as possible as bright blood usually means fresh not endo.


Thank you all so much x


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