Hi all. I'm new to this forum and can't see a lot due to being new, so nothing's on my news feed! I'm just looking for some advice and maybe some possible answers :/?

I am writing on behalf of my daughter who is only 15 yrs old and suffering like anything...she always has pain with or without periods , heavy periods , spams, always vomiting, always diarrhea, legs hurting. I have been to the doctors so many times, pediatrician who prescribed an ultrasound and they said they can't see nothing major and that she's to young to have surgery she's under the pill , painkiller and anti spasmodic but nothing works she still in tragic pain. She's missed school a lot and the school send me to court, thinking I don't want to send my daughter to school...I gave all the evidences that she's ill and still is but that wasn't enough and I received a fine and the court asked me to make sure she going to school on the following 18 months without missing, all of this happened last month but she already missed 3 times because when she's in pain she's cannot move and some time faint....I am a very desperate and worried mother and don't know what to do next....please HELP

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  • Your GP should refer her to a gynaecologist with these symptoms. Could you go back and insist on this? Perhaps taking some info on endometriosis with you? I was told at 15 that my symptoms were unfortunately just 'how some women are'. At 33 was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. If it had been diagnosed earlier I'm sure things could have been different for me. Good luck X

  • Thank you janina for this reply

  • Hi. So sorry for you and your daughter, this is horrible to deal with as an adult but for teenagers who see their friends enjoying life it must be awful. As already suggested keep going back to the doctors, try and see a different GP, even consider changing to a different practice if necessary. Ask for a referral to a gynaecologist, I'm not sure if there is such thing as paediatric gynaecologists. It is not ideal but if you get nowhere and she's too ill for school take her to A&e all of those visits will be on her medical records to present to the school or education authority, whereas if you let her stay home it's only your word she's not in school due to sickness. I know it can be a pain, and getting a diagnosis is generally a battle, but keep showing up at the doctors, ensure you go with her, like I say a&e hopefully at some point you'll come across a supportive doctor.

  • Hi, so sorry your daughter us struggerling, first of all get a copy if her medical notes with all het appointment on and send to the court, bloody cheek

    If you gave the funds to get a consultation within a bsge specialist centre, it costs about £200 and then if they decide to do anything she can be reffered back via nhs, you can refer yourself this way so wouldn't need GPS help, have a look on bsge website for a centre near you, good luck and keep us informed.

  • Thank you Tboag

  • The NHS treatment pathway for suspected endo applies from age 16 so I would urge you to take the advice and see a surgeon at a BSGE centre. I have a private FB support group if you would like to join so we can guide you to proper care for your daughter.


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