Pain in my right hip and down

I have been experiencing sporadic pain in my right hip for about two years now. I have finally noticed that it worse in the week before my period and horrible once I start. It causes me to limp. Moving helps but it is so painful to get started. It hurts so much at night that I have trouble sleeping and I am so tired all the time. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

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  • Yes! I get awful groin, hip and leg pain. It's on my left side though. My thoughts are that I have endo on a nerve there, or there's adhesions. I'm having surgery soon, so fingers crossed I'll get some answers. Have you had a laparoscopy recently?

  • Yes! My hip almost feels like it's popping if that makes sense also on the right side and has always been worse just before my period. I wondered if it was some vitamin thing but never thought of endo

  • Hey everyone. First offal you massage your belly with warm caster oil at the morning when empty stomach. And lay state at left hip your right hip should be up side and bent knee at front side and beet your hip with plastic hummer three time a day. and you do exercise.

  • I also get hip pain but on my left side which radiates down my leg, but it was dismissed as being endometriosis related and I was made to feel like it wasn't that bad. My gp had prescribed pain relief which is effective but shouldn't have to rely on painkillers and physio which hasn't helped much. Should go back really but hate to bother Drs when they don't seem too concerned.

  • Can I add if your hip pain is keeping you awake at night I would see your gp, mine isn't causing sleep problems, only on waking where I feel stiff and it feels uncomfortable when I first move. Kind regards 😊

  • Could it be your ovaries? I get pain by my left hip bone, it's agony. I just found out through laparoscopy that both my ovaries were stuck down to my pelvic wall. Speak to your Gynae about it, or your GP perhaps, especially if you've had previous laparoscopies. Good Luck x

  • Hi all, I was diagnosed with endo just over a year ago, after years of pain. I've had a really bad time with this and urinary tract problems I'm under gyno and urology. I've had 2 opps so far and had mireana fitted, i was meant to go in for a 3rd opp for lazor treatment as endo has spread around my stomach but instead they decided to put me on hrt treatment (I don't know what changed their mind) but it's not helping the problems I still feel the same but since starting hrt my stomach is swelling up alot more and I'm feeling even more bloated ive gained just over half of stone :( with this treatment. i also suffer tiredness lower back pain and pain in right side. The Pain travels from my lower back to my right hip down to my leg. I've been under physio and tried excercise and acupuncture but it didn't help and been told by urology my pelvis may be tilted :( told by physio my hip is tilted too which is probably the cause of my pain due to it trapping the nerves. I am going for MRI scan on the 28th aug in which I'm hoping I'll get some answers as to what's actually causing the pain.

  • I have that problem too. The pain cones from my right hip/ groin and lower back and shoots down my leg. I often limp, can't cross my legs and are kept awake at night. The drs are not very interested in this pain. I found that after the laparoscopy the pain improved but it has come back after 5 months.

  • Hi, I had exactly the same symptoms but on my left side. I put it down to period pain. The pain was so bad eventually it would leave my leg feeling numb and when I collapsed it forced me to get seen by a doctor. Initially I was told it was just cysts on my ovaries (no mention of endometriosis) however as it kept reoccurring I kept going back to the hospital and 5 years later I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo. My advice would be to go and get seen by your GP and ask for a referral to see a gynaecologist ASAP. If, like many, your GP isn't helpful go straight to A&E when you next get the pain. Hopefully they will scan you there and then and that will get the ball rolling for you to see a gynae. I really hope you get sorted soon x

  • i also suffer with pain in my right hip and down to my toes have done for a long time, i had my ovary and tube removed on my right side last year the pain has since worsened. im now in agony have no reflexes getting sent for mri scan, im using crutches to get about and cant sleep either, i went for a walk the otther day thinking it would help unfortunatly not it made it miles worse, im sorry you are expierencing this too. xx

  • Very interested to read comments re hip pain as I went for an x-ray this morning on my pelvic area which did not reveal anything. Wasn't sure if it was related to my spinal stenosis or endometriosis or if I simply have a bad hip!!! Think I need another MRI to see exactly what is happening although I had one earlier this year after my last lap which is when I had mirina fitted and had virtually no periods since.

    At the moment the pain has crept round the back. I treated myself to a massage once I was awake enough followed by a cuppa and some gluten free carrot cake at my local cafe, codeine is helping but I've had enough of my little endo monster!

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