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Hip joint pain

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My MRI came back clear so I assumed that I didn’t have endometriosis, however I’ve been told that because your MRI is clear doesn’t mean that you don’t have it.

Right now, I’m under a high level of stress due to my hypochondria.

Since yesterday I’m suffering from joint pain on my right hip, it happens mostly when I’m walking... could it be related to the endometriosis?


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Hi, I had an MRI and it didn’t show up Endometriosis, the only way is a laparoscopy to be 100% sure.

My MRI showed up Adenomyosis which is another gynae issues. As yours was clear it doesn’t mean you don’t have Endometriosis, even my ultrasound didn’t show it up.

Hip pain can be due to general aches and pains with your periods.

Can you request a lap from your GP? x

I’m under very high level of stress and anxiety recently and I’ve been suffering from general aches and pains all over my body, but the pain here feels weird and is now going down my leg, that’s why it’s worrying me.. I just booked an apt with my GP x

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I know how you feel. This can also be signs of sciatica. Best go tonyour GP for a proper diagnosis.


I have endo and sciatica. It ain’t fun. As usual the lovely ladies on here are right. Usually an mri is used to detect adenomyosis. I’ve actually never heard of anyone having an mri to diagnose endo myself.

Laparoscopic exploratory is the only way they’ll know if it’s endo.

I’m feeling the same way hon, anxiety is through the roof and the stress is just non stop. I try to meditate, sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn’t.

You should really have a lap done so they can look properly.

Good luck x

hi. Clear scans don't mean you haven't got it, I had numerous ultrasound scans, a ct scan and an MRI and all was well. However when the operated to remove a large cyst they found I had a full frozen pelvis and stage 4 deep infiltrated endometriosis. The specialist I was under is excellent and said I was the reason laps still need to be done, on paper I'm fine in reality my body masked it so well even he was baffled by my clear scans.

I used to get hip pain, felt like something was being screwed into the joint and the pain went down my legs.

are you getting help with your anxiety? My husband suffered terribly earlier in the year but with the right help we've got through it. Take care xx

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Oh well hope you got better now, I had a laparoscopic booked than I cancelled before I wasn’t feeling confident about my gynaecologist.. I’ve booked an apt with a specialist but it won’t be until late February..

I don’t know if I could describe the pain I have as something being screwed to my joint but it hurts a lot when I’m walking... and now the pain is now going down my leg. It’s a nightmare!

I go therapy atm but I don’t have a lot of sessions left, I used to be on antidepressant for 9 months too and i hated it so I stopped it cold turkey in September... I’m going back to my GP on the new year to see if I can get something else apart from antidepressant because I feel like I’m going crazy

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Tillyfloss in reply to benevdot

I'm good thanks, the specialist was amazing and I've been pain free since June 2017.

you will get more answers by seeing a specialist, my local hospital said mine was untreatable and at 34 I needed a hysterectomy, we saw the specialist who worked his magic and i still have everything.

finding the right medication is the key, my hubby tried three in the end before it started to help. Are you having the computer based therapy or one to one? We found taking it a day at a time helped. Do you have support around you? Xx

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benevdot in reply to Tillyfloss

I’m glad to hear that I hope I will find someone like your specialist, was your doctor a private doc or under the NHS?

What medication can be prescribed for endo? I also have PCOS which makes it worse 😭

I’m having one to one therapy.

I’ve heard this a lot “taking it a day at a time” but I don’t know how lol.. sometimes I feel like I’ll get thru all this madness but then I have a mental breakdown and I feel like there’s no escape, I have support from my mum which is great but I think I’m too depressed to appreciate it 😞

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Tillyfloss in reply to benevdot

we saw him privately to start with but he operated as an NHS patient as the cysts he was removing were in an awkward position so he wasn't happy doing the op privately, he was right what they found couldn't have been treated in the private sector I had to much going on.

various contraceptive pills can help but wasn't a route for me. I was on paracetamol, tramadol, amtrhpline and buscopan for nine months, didn't always help I was admitted regularly for morphine when I was passing out with the pain.

it's very difficult it took a lot of patience to get my husband well again and the system doesn't help as it seemed getting help early on wasn't available. He found the talking therapy really helpful and continued with mindfulness and yoga to help control it. Holland and barraet did some things to help and might be worth looking into. Xx

Hi I had MRI scans, CTs the works nothing showed it until I had a laparoscopy. That’s the only test that can confirm it.

Mine only showed up when I had a laparoscopy by a specialist. He was the only one who took me seriously and recognized what I was describing. It was deep and growing into my Right US ligament which was causing hip pain running into my leg. It eventually effected my walking in the months prior to surgery. The thigh muscle felt really weird like if you've over done a work out and your muscle is weak and aching the next day. The movement became restricted so I really couldn't do any kind of work out.

Write everything down even if it sounds odd. Its best to give them a full picture when you see them at your appointment. Let them decide what's relevant :)

Hi Crafftyadder, I would like to know what right US ligament is? I have Endo and my pelvic, vagina nerves, hip joint knee both legs hurt, and it’s on both sides. I limp a lot. I got sciatica test with an mri and it came -ve. So if you can tell me what that is, I will consult my doctor. Thank you

Its the uterosacral ligament the runs between your uterus and your back. I only have endometriosis in the right one but you can get it in both. My pain has always been predominantly right sided. Its one of the areas that can get missed by a general gynecologist, it must be delt with by a specialist as its deep and needs cutting out not lazering. I was limping a lot in the last 3 months before my surgery.

Here in USA, I don’t know if the doctors are aware of this. I will talk to them. I limp. I already have my right ovary removed. But the pain have been ignored always. I will see what happens

Mine was only finally diagnosed with a lap which I had private. NHS did nothing for me, except scans and not even an MRI ... just the ones you have across your stomach etc. Ultrasound? I found Tramadol helps, and considered CBD oil.

I wouldn't wish Endo on anyone. It's caused no end of problems internally and pain for me is almost continuous. x

I suffer pain all the time from my endometriosis but at the end of the month , start of a new montg i get hip pain and it goes doen my leg too, im assuming this is when my period would have been due, i had a hysterectomy at 33 so dont bleed but i still have terrible pain ALWAYS 🤬🤬 this week has been awful , feels like i am having contractions and nothing is helping, it really pisses me off!!! Btw i didnt have a lap to diagnose my endometriosis it was obvious to everyone i had it !! Hopevyou get sorted soon xxxx

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