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Will I be able to have kids naturally?


Hi All

I scared myself yesterday doing some google research and I’m really worried now that basically if am diagnosed with endometriosis (seeing the consultant in a few weeks) I wouldn’t be able to have kids. I’ve been putting it off (am 32) and had actually decided now was the time to start and that I was just before the time I had my last and current flare up. 😔

Has anyone had children successfully without assistance after treatment?

Looking for good news stories to lift my spirits xx

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I don’t have any good news stories but this is something that I am petrified off!

I haven’t had my lap to confirm endo but I’ve just about convinced myself that I’m not going to be able to get pregnant. I am absolutely terrible at taking my pill, the amount of missed ones that I have had I definitely should have fallen pregnant by now!

But I am going to be coming off the pill in October to start trying so fingers crossed!

Hopefully some ladies can rest our minds with their good news stories! X

I’ve been on the pill for years - I was put on it at 14 to help with the painful heavy period symptoms!! God knows what this has done to my chances of getting pregnant anyway but with endometriosis too - it just seems hopeless!!! X

hm89 in reply to Ginge32

I've actually heard that this is a good thing and you being on the pill will have stopped adhesions forming as much as they would have done without the pill. I've also been on the pill since I was 14 (now 29) and get very bad retrograde mensuration but my adhesions aren't too bad. After my last surgery (including a dye test) the dr said he couldn't see any reason for me to not be able to conceive. Hoping what I've heard is right anyway!!


Im 32 and was diagnosed with endometriosis last year and then began a long series of hospital visits and it turns out I need fertility treatment. So that might not seem like good news, but I want you to know that I know so many women who had babies naturally even with endometriosis. It all depends on the location of the implants, the organs affected, the functioning of your ovaries, specialist treatment and expertise etc.. it's a great thing you are in the process of finding out. I hope and pray you dont have endo. But if you do, remember you are not alone. Lots of compassionate amazing people on the endo community and lots of positive stories to encourage you as well. Just try and stay positive and protect your mind from so much negative information out there.

Also, if it turns out you have endo and need surgery, make sure you do your research and that excision (not ablation) surgery is done bu BGSE accredited specialists.

Message me if you ever need to xx

Ginge32 in reply to endokicker1

Thanks for such a thoughtful reply, it’s really helped me this morning 😊 xx


I'm 32 and was diagnosed with endo in 2012.

I was referred to a bsge centre due to bowel endo found at a 2nd laparoscopy done to try to conceive. I had endo excision and 2 bowel resections, where 1 of my tubes was found to be blocked during a dye test during the surgery knowing we wanted to have a baby.

At my 3 month followup we were given 6 months to 'try' before starting IVF referral. 3 months in, I had to return as I had pain returning that had spread to my rib so they ordered the ivf tests then plus an MRI to check for diaphragmatic endo - which they now suspect however that was my last period and I conceived 2 days after my MRI naturally..... I returned to my consultant followup 3 months pregnant and am now 28 weeks (and the egg came from the blocked tube that was cleared at the surgery?!!!)

Nobody expected us to fall pregnant naturally but miracles really do happen. I wish you all the best xx

Ginge32 in reply to fishee1204

Oh wow - love your miracle story! Thank you for sharing 😊

There really is hope for us all xx

hm89 in reply to fishee1204



I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, with a large mass on my bowel and rectum. I was told that they didn't do anything to the endo on my bowel and rectum as they couldn't tell how much it went in. The possibility could have ment a stoma bag, the consultant said what 28 year old wants that? I had this investigation because I wasn't falling pregnant and had been trying for a few years.

I went on my merrily way, I have always been a larger build, and at the time was a size 20 so I joined a weight loss programme. Within 6 months I was a size 12 something I've never been!! 3 months after that when on holiday in Thiland my period was really late, I didn't get excited because this happened so much before. But I was indeed pregnant. He's now 9 and my daughter is 7. I put weight on after my son at was comfortable at a size 16 before I fell with my daughter.

I hope this has put your mind at rest.

All the best


Ginge32 in reply to Riajane

Thanks Ria, it really has put my mind at rest.

No more google for me!!!!!

Thank you xx

I've seen lots of women who tried to conceive for years and even failed IVF being able to conceive naturally after a well-performed, complete excision surgery (most of them had stage 4 endo). My advice to you (if you haven't been diagnosed yet) is to only let an EXPERIENCED EXCISION SURGEON touch you. Do not let anyone else perform surgery on you. If your tubes are not blocked by endo and they won't have to remove your ovaries during surgery (HIGHLY unlikely if an experienced endo surgeon will perform surgery), your chances to conceive naturally are going to be quite high a couple of months from surgery. In the meantime, you could ask for a HSG :) best of luck!

Ginge32 in reply to StefaniaJW

Thanks for your reply and your advice!

Sorry, could you explain the HSG bit please? Not heard that mentioned before! xx

StefaniaJW in reply to Ginge32

hSG = hysterosalpingography. They put a tube up your cervix, put some fluid inside your uterus and tubes to check if they are not blocked. You will need to have tried conceiving for at least 6 months before a gynaecologist allows you to have it done as it is quite invasive and a little uncomfortable to undergo. It's the best test to check for open or closed tubes. You've never heard of it because unless you go to a fertility centre, no one probably mentioned it to you as you are not categotized as infertile since you haven't tried conceiving yet. It is something to keep in mind a few months to a year from now, but I would still probably undergo excision first. Best of luck!

hm89 in reply to StefaniaJW

I had this done during my lap. I am not trying for a baby but at age 29 I wanted to check this wouldn't impact my fertility. If you're having a lap anyway I think you can just ask for it.

StefaniaJW in reply to hm89

Ok, great! Then I would suggest she gets excision surgery + the dye test/HSG done during surgery with a great excision surgeon!

Hi there. Hoping to put your mind at rest - I had stage 4 endo and conceived naturally, and very quickly, 3 times. It does not always affect your fertility.

Wishing you all the best xx

The statistic you see most often is that somewhere between 30% to 50% of women with endometriosis have trouble getting pregnant, i.e. infertility. Infertility means it takes longer or requires IVF or other help, and it doesn't mean that it won't happen at all. So that means the majority of women with endometriosis, up to 70%, have no difficulty getting pregnant. It's not that unusual for endometriosis to be diagnosed during pregnancy itself.

No reason to panic! xx

I have a 2 year old daughter who was conceived naturally, even though I have endo (stage 3) and PCOS. I was 33 when she was born. It did take us 18 months of trying and a miscarriage but we got there eventually. We've now been trying for number two for 18 months and not getting anywhere so I think we're going to give IVF a shot. You won't know until you start trying. If you do have problems, there are things that can be done to help. It's definitely not hopeless. Good luck!

I had my son naturally, although I can’t have any more - I’m unsure why though xx

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