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1st laparoscopy yesterday, advice on what's next

Hello, I am new to all this, I am 20 years old and had my first laparoscopy yesterday. They found mild endometriosis on the right side of the uterosacral ligaments and to the pouch of Douglas - diathermy was carried out.

wondering if anyone can advice me what the best way forward is now, I have heard bad reviews on the coil? Did you go back on to contraception?

It has come as a shock and any advice would be greatful x x x

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I have been on all the bc pills injections and now the coil and let me tell you this if you are planning on having a baby in the future stay away from all birth control i have just mentioned as it destroyed my body more than the endo itself and as a result i am now infertile because of the crap put into them, birth control pills etc only suppresses endo symptoms for awhile it does not cure or treat it in the long run it makes it worse.

Go natural manage your pain in other ways for example i take Raspberry leaf tea for my pain very safe and effective and if you are not taking any prescribed medication at all then you can try the herb Wild Yam it used tradtionally to treat endo and improve fertility.

Also do not let doctors fob you off like they did with me for over 11 years before i finally got surgery 3 months ago i am 28 years old and i have to live with this the rest of my life no kids and i have to manage my pain myself with no help from no one and try and live as normal a life as i can and just hope for the best.

Good luck xx


Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your endo... Although atleast it's mild 😊 I would either go see a BSGE specialist for advice, or follow what your doctor advises.

I'd be abit careful about going natural as the pill or coil (which is essentially the pill working more locally in that area) are supposed to help reduce pain & slow the progression of endo. So if you come off everything, the endo may progress quicker!... And this may hinder your chances of getting pregant when your ready to start trying? I have found that cutting sugar out my diet/reducing it (I still like abit of Ben & jerrys every now and then) really helps my pain. I'm 27 with stage 3 endo, had the op, and am going to start trying for a baby in afew months, but it's all abit if a shock to me too! Hope all goes well for you xxx


I agree with you Lauramariebas my endo symptoms were all quiet until I came off my contraceptive to try for a baby then within a few months my endo symptoms returned with vengeance and now I am booked in for a lap, hysto and D&C. I hope your baby making goes to plan and I wish you all the luck in the world x

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Everyone's experience of the various contraceptive medications is different so it really is a case of try and see. The mirena works locally in your uterus and very little of the progestin gets into the blood stream. This can be very effective for those who have bad period problems but it is likely to be less effective at controlling endo so some doctors prescribe a pill as well. With mild endo it is a fact the birth control pills can control it and slow its progress.

But I assume you have been seen in general gynaecology and it may be that you have some endo that has been missed, especially where the pouch of douglas is involved as endo can be hidden by adhesions. Also diathermy only treats very superficial endo and will only be effective if your endo really was very mild. The extent of your pain would be the best indicator as to whether you might have deeper endo - back pain, bowel problems, pain on sex etc. This is a double edged sword really, you could continue with birth control meds to control any residual endo but this could mask the symptoms of anything deeper. Or you could monitor your symptoms for a few months and if you have continuing or worsening pain request a referral to a specialist centre for more thorough investigations and complete excision of any remaining endo before it has chance to progress. Have a look at my post on how to find a specialist centre and get a referral. x


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