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Laparoscopy next week!

Hi all,

After 15 years of being fobbed off by doctors who have given me endless amount of pills... I am finally going in for my laparoscopy in one week! I am really hopeful that this will help with my debilitating pain and also infertility.

First of all I wanted to ask for your advice on what to expect on the day of the lap as this is my first one?

Also does anyone have any positive experiences of getting pregnant after a lap? We have been trying for 13 months with no luck. All tests have come back ok on both sides so far and we haven't been referred for IVF yet.

Thanks in advance... looking for some positive experiences please 😊

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There are so many ways it could go. I didn't have treatment on my lap but others do. If you do have laser treatment, try and go for IVF as soon as you can as endo is known to go back. For me it was day surgery.


Hey lovely I have a story which I hope can give you some hope. It took us 5 years and 10 months of TTC till I was diagnosed with endometriosis which was treated at the same time. I fell naturally pregnant first month after my laparoscopy! Unfortunately I lost the pregnancy last month we trying again this month 😏. For us my endometriosis was the only reason for our infertility.

I'm sorry to hear you've been fobbed off by medics I know how that feels. Also sorry to hear you've been having a difficult time trying to get pregnant I know that one- it's heartbreaking 💔 I wish you the best with the surgery xoxo if you have any questions on it feel free to ask me xoxo


I had a lap 2 and a half weeks ago. my experience is a bit different as it was an emergency operation but if you have any questions please ask.


Hi I have stage 4 endometriosis and had surgery to remove it after trying to get pregnant for 2.5 years. 4 months after the surgery I fell pregnant and have a now 2 year old. If you have any questions just ask I have had 2 laps and about ask for my 3rd x


Hi lap is the only way of finding out if you have endometriosis.

Like someone said its hard to know.I went for my second lap a week ago and wasn't prepared for what they told me. Which was it was severe and blocked fallopian tubes can't conceive naturally..

it took 13 year's for me also to diagnose.

Best of luck with your procedure.xx


Oh no, so sorry to hear that. Have they offered you IVF? Xx


Ye he said ivf was my only option.

Which I'm.not convinced.sounds stupid but I'd rather a second opinion and perhaps there's a way to UNblock them.I'm going to my gp and to see them again in 6 week's.

ivf in Ireland is too expensive.I'm not sure if we could afford it.xxx


I and two of my friends all fell pregnant the first cycle after a lap. Unfortunately I miscarried but one friend now has a gorgeous two year old. Xx

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I had my first lap almost two weeks ago. They found too much endo to remove on the day so I have to go back in a couple of months, but I was very happy to find out that my tubes and ovaries are clear at least! We've been TTC for nearly 2 years and all other tests are fine, so it's actually a bit of a relief to have a reason, and a plan going forward. I've been reading so much about it all, and there are so many success stories after a lap so fingers crossed for both of us! :-D

For the actual surgery, it wasn't as bad as I expected! It's probably because they didn't do much scraping as well, but I'm almost back to my usual self and it's only been 1.5 weeks. I was back to work (desk job) after a week, but was really feeling ok before that. The most uncomfortable part was the stretched muscles and the leftover gas from where they inflate your belly to see better.

The first night was quite sore, and the gas pain up under the ribs and in the neck is the worst part. Sleeping propped up was much more comfortable. I used a couple of small cushions and a rolled up blanket to help me sleep on my side after a few days. Next time I'm buying a body pillow though, and I think I'll sleep in a separate bed from my hubby as it was uncomfortable when he moved, plus I kept having to shift and was always worried about waking him.

Things I found helpful:

> Take De-Gas or something similar to the hospital, and use it as often as your doctor allows. I also drank peppermint tea, and took a little roller with a peppermint oil blend that I rubbed on my belly, under my ribs, and just under my nose. It really helps relieve the gas pain - plus the smell helped me feel better the couple of times I felt nauseated.

> Magnesium spray / roll on also really helped with the gas pains and the muscle soreness, plus general energy levels - just don't get it on your wounds! (If you're not used to it, just note that it might sting a little when you first use it. I seriously swear by the stuff though!)

> Ask for some extra wound covers if you can, the one over my belly button didn't want to stay on and it was hard not to get it wet underneath!

> I took little ginger chews, I wasn't really hungry after and I did feel sick a couple of times, so they were good just to have now and then.

> Take a pillow to put on your belly for the drive home, to stop the seatbelt rubbing.

> Make some light soups / meals in single serves so you can easily eat something when you want to. Don't eat anything too heavy though - bloating really hurts!

Sorry for the novel! I just like to go into things with as much info as I can, and it's all still pretty fresh in my mind :-) Good luck! xx


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