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Laparoscopy-Next Thursday

Hi All

I posted on here quite a while back.

I am 27 and have been suffering with all the Endometriosis signs since starting my periods at 12.

Constant trips to the Drs, being told I was too young (even though my mum has it.

We don't have children yet and I am in my 1st year of teaching.

I had an ultrasound in June, which found a chocolate cyst on my ovary. Even at this point they wanted me to wait 3 months for another scan.

I went back a week later in agony and demanded that something was done. I was fed up!

I was then hospitalised in July as the cyst had burst!!

Finally, I am having my laparoscopy! After 15 years of back and forth in pain!!

Any advice?

Lisa xxx

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Hi, that's great news that you finally got the laporscopy, I wish you all the best

The only thing I can advise, is take your time to recover, take lots of small walks as soon as you feel ready, increase daily, and eat and drink well, before and after the op,

Get yourself some peppermint tea and tablets. These will help with the gas that they use to get a better look inside, take a pillow to hospital for the journey home, for seat belt, And the most important thing, get a bell, and ring for attention, lol, hopefully you have someone at home looking after you for a few days, I made up some dinners and froze them then my hubby just got them out and heated through, get house cleaned before you go in, that way you don't get itchy hand and want to clean,

Good luck



Hi Tboag

Thankyou for your advice.

I will pick some peppermint tea up today, I didn't think of this :)

Yeah, my BF is great. He has booked some days off work to look after me. Plus doing the shop, to get healthy foods in that are easy to prepare. The freezing is a really good idea too.

My mum is coming round to do a big clean on Tuesday. She has told me not to worry and just try to relax (I'm a worrier)

3 more days teaching, my birthday on Wednesday and operation Thursday. Hectic week.

I'm just so relieved that it's finally happening.

Lisa xxx


Firstly, I am so sorry you have had to wait so long. But I am really glad it is finally getting sorted for you.

As Tboag said, take your time to recover. For the first week (at least) relax & watch box sets!! Enjoy your PJ's!! 😊

It will take time, the first few days are uncomfortable but your hospital should give you painkillers to take that will help. Drink plenty of fluids to help flush your system.

I hope all goes really well & you get the answers you need & deserve x


Thankyou for your reply 😊

I'm just relieved that it's finally here. I can't even remember how many times I was back and forth to the Drs (my Drs a gynea too!!)

It sounds silly but ive been looking forward to it, just so I can get the answers I need.

Lisa xxx

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I really hope you do get the answers you need & deserve!!!

Now, just relax.

Thinking of you X

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I've woke up this morning feeling extremely nervous.

My operation is at 7.30am

I've developed a bit of a cold too, so I'm not feeling100%.

I will post the results on here

Lisa xxz


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