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Post surgical Peritonitis

Hi, does anyone else have experience of this?

I just had emergency surgery to remove peritonitis from behind my (new) cuff.

Had a major excision hyster and appendectomy 15 weeks ago.

I tore the first time we had sex last week and they found peritonitis during surgery.

I have never been so ill or in so much pain - and that's up against some pretty stiff competition as I'm sure you can all relate.

I will do anything to ensure this doesn't happen again - my consultant says the tear may have occurred because the infection was there - because at 14 weeks, I should have been well healed. But it may not be the case, so I tried to ask as many questions as I could think of but I've been very foggy.

Atm I'm on heavy duty ABs and total bed rest, can't move anyway, and am back to looking at all my scars which have all been reopened, plus a couple of nice new ones!

Don't even care, just want to feel better. Has this happened to anyone else at all after surgery?

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Hi SarahJane, cant imagine how rough you must be feeling. I had infection after they removed my appendix and FINALLY diagnosed endo. Hospital for a week and intro abs worked. The one thing I did that seemed to help recovery was drinking lots of water and plenty of rest. I hope that you start feeling better soon.

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Thank you, yes it's rough isn't it!! I'm finally sleeping a bit and starting to feel slightly human! Xx


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