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Worried about some information

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Hi Ladies, I'm trying to get some information on some aspects of endometriosis and Adeymiosis I'm finding some things very confusing and quite old information. I have noticed some ladies posting about a leaflet that has been given to them from their GP's and a link that is a bit of a concern. This is a very old information, Please be careful in what to be believe. patient.info/health/endomet...

There is a lot of new updated and very informative information on endopaedia.info. and also Vital Health Institute which has helped me as has this forum in trying to get recent credited information of this horrific disease. Just be careful on what info you take as Gospel. As with this forum there are other good forums like Endometropolis and Hystersisters, also survivingchronicpain.com each of these sites have very different information to help understand not just Endo but also the pain that it causes and Hystersisters for advice about the dreaded words that we get from gynies a Hysterectomy has to be done as this will get rid and cure the Endo, I'm afraid this is not the case, as with this forum check out the other websites.

Keep fighting Ladies we need to try and get on top of this horrific disease :)

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