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What do you want employers, collegues and health professionals to understand about endometriosis?

Hi guys, I am creating some training about endometriosis as I work in a health and social care field. I am going to deliver this training to the teams that I work with.

I am hoping this training will improve my workplaces understanding of the condition and I hope this leads to a supportive atmosphere for anyone working in my organisations that also has the condition. I also, very importantly, hope that this will improve service delivery to any client who recieves support from us.

So I am asking you guys as I draw up my "aims of the session"

what do you want people to know about endo?...

what should the aims of my session be?

what do you want/not want from frontline health staff/advisors?

what do you want/not want from employers?

what do you want people to understand about this condition?

I think it would be good to have inspiration from you all so I make sure I get the message accross from more than just my own perspective.

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One think I have found is that it is so different for every woman, so advice and help and understanding needs to be diverse. Another that i have noticed is that stress aggravates the problem, so a quiet and personal approach to the subject.


so health staff should aim to provide information that fits the individual and from an employers point of view managers should be sensitive to the employee and take the time to speak to the employee one to one about endo? ok good thankyou


what do you want people to know about endo?

* The basic facts of what it is, how it works, and why it causes pain. Like many "invisible" diseases, it's hard for people to remain sympathetic without knowing what's going on.

* The restrictions / difficulties of having it: what activities are difficult / painful etc. (This may vary. For me, lifting heavy things & leaning over were esp difficult. My full list is here: endowriter.blogspot.com/201...

* Myths dispelled, esp baby-related myths: it's nothing to do with delaying child birth; having babies doesn't cure it; it doesn't automatically make you infertile.

* What chronic pain is like: the way people with chronic pain can cease to notice their own pain, become very irritable / short-tempered, and stop displaying normal pain reactions. (See endowriter.blogspot.com/201...

what should the aims of my session be?

Increased understanding of endo; respect for women with endo as capable but needing consideration around particular areas


I like your ideas, wording especially: "respect for women with endo as capable but needing consideration aruond particular areas" Thankyou so much for your input xx


HI I am Liz the Support Network Manger at Endometriosis UK. The trainnig sessions sound likfe a really good idea. Ifr you would like any information from us please do get in touch.

Best Wishes



Thankyou, I will. I am quite excited about it. An opportunity to improve things and to stretch my PTTLLS muscles :o)


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