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Any Information please


I’m having a laparoscopy, I’ve been told i have endometriosis as they found 2 chocolate cysts, one 8cm and the other 6 cm. I’ve not been told any other information about endo or whats going to happen in surgery, i only know bits about endometriosis from goggle, i would like to know if everyone bleeds after a laparoscopy or just some? Is it like a period ie lasting a week or is it just a couple of days, also should i take pads in? Is it ok to use tampons after surgery? What should i have in my hospital bag? Will i need one as its only day surgery? Any questions anyone can answer i would be very great full, thank you

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I've also been referred for a laparoscopy (although I haven't decided whether to go ahead or not yet, my cysts are smaller than yours). My consultant said they would most likely keep me in overnight so it's probably best to have a bag ready in case. If you dont need it then theres no harm done. I can't help with any other questions im afraid but I'm interested in the answers too so will follow your thread. I rang the clinic to ask for more information and they sent me info about the laparoscopy procedure so might be worth trying that. Hope it goes ok x

Hi, I have had two operations for Endometriosis so far. I too had chocolate cysts. For me I went for a pre op appointment where they took blood, asked medical history and gave me some anti bacterial wash to wash with before the day of my op. As to whether you stay in over night for me depended on what time of day the op was. My first was in the morning and I came home the same day. My second was late in afternoon so they kept me in over night, they have to make sure you can wee and eat something without being sick after. You are asked to take any medication you are on in with you and I took few toiletries, towel, nighty and some loose fitting trousers for after as your tummy will hurt. With regards to bleeding I didn’t bleed after until my next period. You will wake up after your op with a sanitary towel in between your legs, I did. I never use tampons prefer sanitary towels to be more comfortable. Hope this helps and try not to worry about it x

Hey, I bled a little after surgery but only for like an hour or so, everyone is different. My first period after surgery was horrendous as everything was still healing etc.

In my bag I packed a nightie 3 sizes too big, my phone, earphones, a book and slippers and dressing gown as they hospital gown is very revealing haha so you’ll need something to cover up when walking to theatre.

Everyone is different, I felt on cloud nine after surgery due to the painkillers. I felt completely normal and the pain hit me 2 days later when it all wore off haha. I couldn’t move out of bed for a week without wanting to cry.

Advice is don’t overdo anything after surgery. I remember going town a week after surgery and was so tired when I came back xxx


Dear natalienln,

I'm sorry you haven't been well informed by your medical professionals about endometriosis or your procedure.

I don't know if you have already seen this but Endometriosis UK have lots of information on their website about the condition and surgery.

Here is a link to their "Understanding Endometriosis" factsheet:

And also one for laparoscopic surgery here:

I hope this helps.


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I had a lap for a 6cm cyst. They recommended pads not tampons for afterwards. I bled a little after the surgery and the first couple of periods where extra painful. My consultant warned me they would be and scheduled follow up appt for three months after - he said it was to allow them to settle down as otherwise patients worry the op made it worse and it just needs time to settle. The bleeding after surgery was only slight and hard to notice as I had blue dye coming out of me as my consultant used the dye to check my Fallopian tubes where clear as we want to start a family. Mentioning this as it may be something to ask for - his thinking was it makes sense to check whilst under anaesthetic anyway to save needing to do it at a later point. Best of luck xx

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