Lap update

Hi all,

Well feeling pretty rough today. Had my second lap yesterday. First one in 1995 showed Endo apparently this one shows no Endo. I have fibroids and lesions and apparently my bowel was adhered to my stomach. Not sure I believe that my Endo has miraculously disappeared. not sure what to do now? Not sure I can question the surgeon but just don't see how the Endo has gone. I have all the symptoms and been getting progressively worse over the years. Just at the end of my tether and feel the lap has been a waste of time. If it's not Endo what it is? Thanks for listening :-)

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  • Could your pain be caused by the fibroids? I've just had fibroids removed the pain I have experienced over the last 2 years was unbearable. I convinced myself that I also had endometriosis as my symptoms were so similar to the ones I had been reading about. Could it be the fibroids causing you pain and can you have these removed?


  • Hi maybe it is. It's just all confusing conflicting diagnosis and they found fibroids but didn't take out. I can't understand why. :-)

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