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Dr not wanting to do a lap

Has anyone else had this? I was diagnosed at 18 (32 now) had a lap and laser then. Felt great for years with just the odd bad patch. Over the last 18 months all the old symptoms are back and it's been a massive struggle. After being flip flopped on different pills and some heavy duty anti inflammatory drugs nothing seemed to work. The hospital kept going on about the coil but I'm not sure. I feel if I've had a lap and laser and that worked for years why are they so reluctant? The coil is only to manage symptoms why don't they want to just get rid of the endo? Besides its been 14 years since my last one so I feel it's worth a look at least. The upshot is I'm finally having one but my Dr made it clear it's not what she would recommend. Has anyone else faced this??

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The current hospital are reluctant to do this for me too; I'm 42 and was diagnosed at 21 and I've had several laparoscopies. When I asked the current registrar, she said they preferred not to do them as a result of cost and scarring; my argument is that the scarring can be remedied by the laparoscopy and surely some relief is better than none....

I'm writing a very strong letter to the senior consultant to see if they can review the situation but if they refuse, I'll go to another hospital if I have to....I may even contact the media to shame them into doing it...!

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Im 28 and had my first lap last year the surgeon spoke with me afterwards saying that he burnt away alot but he said i cant guarantee i have burnt away everything and that it will eventually grow back to that extent within a years time.

when speaking with the consultant months later she said yes this may be the case in which i answered so is that why i read that women have laposcopys year after year. She said yes u may read that but its ignorance on their doctors part... (im 28) she said " imagine u having an op every year up to u being 40... doesnt that seem ridiculous?"

She then went on to say the more ops u have the more scars u create. The more scars u create the more places endo can hide and grown and they grown rapidly aound scar tissue.

Basically she was dead againdt it. But the surgeon who did my laposcopy was up for round 2. I think it unfortuantly depends on ur doctors peraonal opinions not medical ones as ive read loads of comments on here where people are on their 4th and 5th etc. Ask to be reffered to another doc - maybe they will have a different view.

Good luck!! X


Thank you. Yes I het that but I'm after a second one 14 years after my first. I too have had it burnt off at age 18 - but it really worked! I'm just fed up of having the coil pushed on me. (There's some kind of NHS money saving drive at the moment) ah endo the condition that keeps on giving 😀


I would push for the lap. I had previous lap in 2001 with minimal symptoms afterwards until around two years ago. After much fighting and a 2nd opinion I have just had another lap done four weeks ago which revealed advanced stage 4 so I ended up having extensive excision. Don't accept no for an answer


Thanks I am having one - the consultant just seemed to be trying to scare me out of it. I had to demand it really. She just kept pushing the bloody coil! Like you I'm thinking its well worth taking another look as my last one was 14 years ago.... Sorry yours was worse but great you've had lots removed.


Yes I am currently having the same struggle. I had an op three years ago when I was 26. I was put on the pill to manage it but now it has returned. I want surgery to remove it but my GP said due to my age (?!) and the fact that they have already been in there and done it once he doesn't really want to run the risk of causing more damage.

My next move is to be referred to an endo specialist (check out Lindles page she has heaps of info on endo clinics in the UK) to get it sorted properly. Why should we have to suffer?!

Good luck



I agree... why should we have to suffer. Its easy for them to say no!

I too was getting the coil pushed on me but refused as said i wanted to try for a baby!

Whilst i was having my lap last year i got talkin to another lady who was awaiting an op too. Her op was for a coil find and removal. She had a coil fitted 1 month previously to her been sat with me and the coil had gone missimg and was floating around her somewhere. So the op was to locate it and remove it!.... the consultant who spoke with me just before the op who was confirming i dont want the coil to be fitted after my lap just said its very unfortunate that we were put in the same room as they did keep tryin to push it even half an hour before my op... haha the nhs really must have a commission incentive to get patients to have one fitted!!



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