Hot flushes & sweats, please someone I'm going out of my mind!

Please someone help, has anyone had nearly constant hot flushes and sweats on the night, my head and neck and chest gets sweaty too. Is this from endo or the celest I take? I'm going out of my mind worrying I'm having early menopause or something! I'm only 23. I wouldn't have thought i could go from having endo to early menopause but you never know. Help anyone?

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  • I have this same thing aswel an I'm normal ya really cold person x

  • Same! I used to feel the cold so much but now I'm just constantly feeling like I could internally combust! Do you mind me asking what pill you take? Or is it coil or something else? X

  • I'm on the coil now and that does nothing I had the implant but that was no use at all.... I just sit there an get really hot for no reason or normal daily tasks such as hoovering gets me in a right sweat x

  • That's exactly what I get, I hope it is because of my meds and nothing worse :/ xx

  • HI I also suffer from severe sweating in the night to the point where the sheets and my pyjamas are soaking I was diagnosed with endo via a scan and have my first laparoscopy in March my gynaecologist thinks the sweating is either hormonal or my bodies reaction to pain I would go to the gp though because it can be a symptom of something more serious

  • I am going back today, it does seem to be worse when I am in pain so maybe that's it. All I know is I'm worrying about it so much.

  • I am too my partner gets so worried when I get like that as I am also epileptic and we worry that being so hot will bring on a seizure hope you get it sorted out Good luck xx

  • Thanks lovely,

    Good luck with your op x

  • Hello Hope, great name remember that, I went through that when I had the menopause and It was hell for 18months then it seemed to quieten down. I was so embarrassed when I was out and had hot flushes as I would desperately try to get my coat off if I had one on and get to the nearest toilet and hide. It happens when you talk to people and they wonder what's going on. Night sweats sometimes I had to change my nighty and bed linen but I got through it. Just had Hystorectomy and have infection internally and externally and the wound has popped open because of the internal infection, have also had a some hot flushes, the consultant did say I may well get some of the symptoms again, I am already irritable and tearful. My advice is see your GP and get refered to a specialist in Menopause as I think this could be the problem. I had endometriosis for a 25 years and do not remember those symptoms. I did not take medicine for it specifically I had a drug to help with the periods. Good luck Hope I will be thinking of you. Nicola x

  • Thankyou for getting back to me, it's my worst fear to be honest I want children more than anything :( I have a gp apt today anyway so let's see what my body throws at me next :/ xx

  • Hi Hope, please let us know how you go. I understand you want Children so did I. I had an ectopic, two miscarriages and three attempts at IVF I have no Children but second time around I found a wonderful man and he went through the IVF with me. Get on and get this sorted and don't take any rubbish from Your GP, you need to be strong and get them to sort this out. If you are married or not if you still have a chance to have a child do it sooner rather than later. Please stay in touch. I am older and wiser than you and seen a lot over the years if I can help in anyway I will.

    Lol Nicola.

  • I'm engaged to a really amazing and understanding man :) he wants a family as much as I do so let's see where this takes us! First step the gp today. I will post later to let everyone know how it went. Thankyou so much for taking time to share with me x

  • Are you taking any other medications other than Cilest? Anti-depressants can cause sweating. if it continues for more than couple of weeks need to see GP.

  • Hi, yes I take citalopram which is an anti depressant, I've recently gone down by 10mgs too x

  • Hey I wouldnt worry too much that will just make things worse. I would seek help of an endocrinologist. Someone who can do a check on the balance of your hormones. Its a tricky system and one that sometimes needs help. If you have not had a hysterectomy I would highly doubt you are having menopause. However if your estrogen and progesterone (also dhea cortisol and more) are out of wack then you could have these symptoms. I would demand a full blood and saliva test to get a handle on whats happening. keep us posted.

  • Thank you so much! I had a blood test last week just for routine so I can ask if they checked for anything relating to it. I've not had a hysterectomy, my first laparoscopy was only 11 months ago and I had some endo removed but some also left in my left Filopian tube as I had requested nothing be removed whilst I was under unless it was life threatening. Xx

  • Hey Hope, here is a blog post today with some links that might help.

  • Thank you so much that's really kind of you to have looked for me X

  • your welcome, anything to help.

  • You need to educate yourself on what your hormones do when they are not balanced and what they do when they are. There is a whole list of symptoms that you can feel. If you have been under a state of constant stress it can cause adrenal fatigue. If I were you I would request blood work and saliva testing. The saliva is to check cortisol levels. Let me work on some links for you and I will send them.

  • you're an angel thank you so much! i do feel all over the place, it would make so much sense if my hormones were too!

  • Update ladies, the doctor said my blood tests would have shown something if it was anything sinister or early menopause as i worried it might be. So good news is its nothing like that but bad new is its just a side effect of the meds or endo so i just kinda have to deal with it i guess. At least i wont worry about it now. I've been given a 4 day cours of tranacemic acid to hopefully stop this aweful bleed and been signed off work too help ease this exhaustion from lack of sleep with it all. Thanks for all your comments

  • yep i get night sweats partially the week leading up to my period but like 4 out of 7 night generally I wake up soaked in sweat its horrible :(

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