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hot flushes really bad and night sweats anyone else have this?

my doc tested my hormones and there a bit out but not enough to sugest menopause he said it could be the start of it but couldn't give me an answer its bad enough that the endo can stop us from having children but if im going through the menopause aswell I am 26 for god sake I wona know some help would be loverly sorry really struggaling at the moment.

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Hi natureschild,

I can totally sympathise with you as I'm 28 and going through something similar. I havnt had a period for 2 years, have a very thin womb lining, PCOS, pain during sex and constant severe pelvic pain. This has gradually got worse over the last few months and the gynae suggested it might be early menopause as I have terrible night sweats and hot flashes, plus dry eyes, mouth and skin. My hormone levels were 'normal' in September and I've just been for blood tests to check them again as I have been signed off work for 4 weeks now due to feeling like I have constant flu!

The doctors just seem to see a strange mix of symptoms and shrug their shoulders plus the thing that drives me crazy- fire bloody statistics at me as if it helps!!!!!! I'm so sick of this and like you just want some help :(

Any advice from anyone? Xxx


Hi ladies im probably barking(i am barking;) ) up the wrong tree but have you had thyroid levels checked. Just an idea as some of your symptoms my relate. xxJ


I get night sweats and hot and cold flushes from my pill, it may well be something as simple as that. This pill I'm on (norethisterone) has also changed my smell when I do sweat, it's really nasty now :( I am 29 and have recently had my thyroid tested because of this sweating malarky but it all came back normal....again!! Are either of you on any progesterone medication as this can cause night sweats on it's own so don't panic about being in the menopause until you know for sure. To be menopausal in your 20's is extremely rare xxx


Thanks for the messages guys. I'm personally not on any pill and havnt been on any type of contraception for over a year now with no sign of a period. I did have my thyroid levels checked about 4 months ago (came back normal) and did have another blood test this morning so we'll see! It seems like I have very low estrogen levels but I don't know why,

Thanks again x


I have these menopause like symptoms and they are all caused by PCOS which can often mean you start the menopause later in life and stay fertile longer!

The best thing to do is write a list of your symptoms - I bet you will notice that you get the sweats and things at certain times of your cycle (related to oestrogen levels). Take your symptom and diary to your GP and get some tests done.

Also agree with Jalo69 - thyroid can give you some right weird symptoms!

Don't despair ladies x


thanks guys, ive had my thyroid checked all is normal and im on the pop pill cazette however you spell it and I have an intolerance to eastrogen makes me go mentally poorly and he said it isn't my pill causing it! don't get me wrong ive always had hot flushes and they were asosiated to my cycle which I could exsplain but the past six months or so its got so much worse but my hormone levels were a bit off but nothing to indicate the menopause my only worry is the women In my family all started theres early! ive herd this mentioned a lot but what is PCOS??? my docs arnt good with all of my symptoms they pass me hear there and every where instead of the holistic view.

thanks again for your answers hopefully should get some answers soon!


Hi I was getting hot flushes with mine endo I went to the doctors and they gave me some tablets and within 2 days they went. They aren't hrt but some tablets that help with the flushes you don't have to suffer with them good luck

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