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I'm scared

Okay so my first time having sex was in April and I ended up getting a UTI...i grabbed a antibiotics and it was good...Now I just had sex unprotected on Sunday and Wednesday and my bladder is not the same...I feel like when I go to the bathroom I don't fully complete my bladder...Like all the urine don't come out...and then it feels like a slight sting or burn...but it goes away on and off...but I think it's because I panic about it...I'm really scared about because I don't know what to think...what should I do?

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Hi sounds like you have cystitis a lot of women get it when they first start having sex apparently. I would go and see your Dr who will proscribe something for it. You can get over the counter remedies too. hope this helps.


Hi there, please don't worry. It may be that was thought to be a uti is in fact cystitis. Go back to your gp and tell them your symptoms. It always helped me having a quick wash down below after sex to rid bacteria build up. If I was too tired for this, I had a wee to help me to flush bacteria from around my urethra to prevent utis. It always worked for me. Also and im sure you are- but please make sure your partner has been tested for any std's if he was not a virgin like you. You can't be too careful. Hope this helps. Good luch xx


Hi there,

Definitely sounds like you have cystitis hun. As the other ladies said go to the doctors and they will.give.you something for it or over the counter remedies. I also found when I had it that cranberry juice helped relieve the symptoms. Hope you feel better soon.


pregnancy test first and agreement for antibiotics choice with our doctor +


Sex can cause UTI's because the 'movement' causes the fluids from other areas of the body to enter the urethra, our urethras are shorter being we're woman making us more prone to infection.

Drink cranberry juice every morning or take cranberry pills it'll flush out the unwanted bacteria (I've always been prone to infections since I was a baby). Cranberry works because it's acidic and chug lots of water, the more fluids you have in your system the better.

I would recommend going to the doctor though to see if it's something else.

I had the uti symptoms go on and off and then one day I passed a kidney stone.

Does your back hurt?


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