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Infection after surgery, feeling very weird?

Hi all, I had surgery two weeks ago and was healing well, but the past few days one incision site has been red. I saw the GP and got antibiotics for 5 days.

Yesterday it got way worse (more red, discharge and going green) really horrible. A nurse was able to clean and dress it and I am going back on Friday to have it checked out.

Has anyone here had an infection? What did you do to help your body heal?

I've taken it easy since surgery, eating lots of fruit and veg, lots of water, regular walks and sleeping. I've kept the wounds dry after showering, but still I got an infection.

I'm feeling run down, swollen glands and lymph nodes, headaches and no energy, huge dark circles under my eyes. I've been sleeping badly and having nightmares since getting the infection. Today I convinced myself there was a rat under my TV! Obviously there wasn't and I calmed down fairly quickly, I just feel so weird and just not myself. Can infections after surgery do this to you?

Thanks everyone

K xx

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