Rectrovaginal endo surgery and catheters

hi everyone! I thought I'd give everyone an update, I had my op on Mon morning and am finally back home! All went well as far as I can tell and Mr Brynes was very happy but they did end up doing quite a lot! They suspected and found severe rectrovaginal endo. They had to unstick quite a lot and had to shave a lot off the left side of my bowel but luckly didnt have to cut away anything deeper. They cut away areas in the pouch ofdouglas, around the front and back of the womb, both sides of the pelvis and did a lot of work around my bladder. On plus side my ovaries and womb look healthy! :) I think thats everything I can remember but sure I've missed loads! It took a while to be discharged as my body temp and blood pressure kept dropping & once they took the catheter out I still couldnt pee! I've had to leave with a catheter fitted for a week which they've said isn't uncommon but I'm a bit panicked about it! I'm worried in a weeks time that my bladder still won't work!!?? Also worried about getting UTI as i get them all the time normally! If anyone has any experience with having the catheter for a week after surgrey please let me know how it all went for you. Right back to sleep for me :) x

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Hi....I've just had total hysterectomy (last wednesday) and some of my bladder removed because of endo.....I have catheter for 2 weeks or so and stents. ...its been for 10 days so far and after initial discomfort I'm actually quite used to it getting up in the night for a pee xx

I'm so glad it went well and that the team were good. I am scheduled for surgery there later this year so it is good to hear your experience. They said that I may go home with a catheter so I think it is probably quite usual. Good luck with your recovery and if you have any advice please let me know.

Hi Wind_mill I had my catheter out and everything went back to normal straight away, phew! I made sure I was drinking a lot of water the whole time it was in which the nurse said would have helped. The team in Truro (everyone from tea ladies to doctors and nurses) couldn't have been any nicer so you are in great hands! I am now in my 3rd week of recovery and feeling much better, the surgeon signed me off work for 4 weeks which I wasn't expecting as I went back after 2 weeks last time but I will def. need those extra weeks this time around!! I wish you all the best for your op and hope you are doing ok with everything at the moment. If I think of any actual advice I'll let you know :) x

Hope your recovering well 😊. I also had a severe endometriosis roughly in the same areas,but it didn't touch my ovarys etc. I had a catheter,but had problems so had to go back in. Xxx

Hi Rahholden, sorry for late reply! I hope you are feeling better now, what problems did you have were they endo related? I hope its all sorted now, I'm on my 3rd week of recovery now and def feeling a bit more human! Wishing you all the best x

Glad it went well😊. I had very severe recto vaginal endo and ended up getting a fistula (which is a hole between the two) . I had to have a colostomy for a while and lots of operations,but have had it removed now.

I'm lucky to have a gorgeous daughter though, even so pregnancy caused more complications she was worth it!


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