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Post laparotomy

Well it's been 5 weeks since my laparotomy and I feel great. Had a 9cm endometrial cyst removed from one of my ovaries.

Never had surgery before so was petrified but I can honestly say, it wasn't half as bad as I expected. Stayed in hospital 2 days. The first week was the worse, but I wasn't going to lay/sit around and fester. It's better to get up, even just to make a drink.

Start IVF icsi In a month but after going through this op I feel ready for anything.

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It's 6 weeks for me this week since my op! Have some aching and get tired easily but it really wasn't too bad! Just have to keep working on building my stamina back up! Good luck with IVF! I am hoping to come off the pill soon and start trying for a baby but I must say I'm nervous about my periods and if the pain will be any better and about trying to have sex again! EeEk!


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