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Laparotomy next week

Had my Pre assessment today for laparotomy.

First stop- the nurse, bloods taken, BP, measured for ted stockings, medical history, height & weight. Then seen a jnr doctor asking what medications & to check heart & lungs. Seen Consultant discussed the op and gave my consent 😮

Seen anesthetist who explained his plan I'm having a spinal & getting put under due to the laparotomy, cystoscopy & endometriosis removal. I've been given a prep drink to take prior to surgery which I think is a good idea as it maintains your glucose levels when fasting(Photo attached)

I was wondering if anyone can tell me how long the recovery is? I've had to re-schedule my holiday from 4 weeks to 7 weeks post surgery and hope I'll be feeling ok to fly.

I'm an RMN and was wondering how long it will take to get back to working full duties I.e moving & handling etc.

Thanks x

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How come it's an open procedure if it's okay to ask. What excision surgery are you having?

Its nest to ask. Your surgeon or nurse should be able to estimate how long you need off and the hospital will issue the sick note.

I was told 6 weeks for my bowel shave and vaginal excision. I was unlucky and ill immediately after with viral meningitis and may end up needing a little longer. I only have a office job though.

I imagine nursing is much more physically demanding so might need a little longer or a phased return on light duties?


I have a 15cm x 11cm complex endometrioma on left ovary & smaller cyst on right. The consultant advised laparotomy due to the size of cyst.

The consultant advised he will be trying to preserve as much ovarian tissue as he can as I'm looking to have ivf. He also said they will be looking to remove as much endometriosis as they can but not on my bowel due to risk.

I will ask my surgeon about time off& recovery.

Thanks for your response.


Ahh. My excision was of a smaller nodule. A little surprised they arent looking to operate on the bowel. Are you not getting any symptoms from it?

Are you in a BSGE centre?


Yeh but not too bad at the moment😣 I guess I'll need to wait and see when they get in as I've got stage 4 endo my priority is getting rid of this alien 😊

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I can imagine! I felt like that about my 3 cm module never mind one that size X good luck x

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