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Day 1 post Surgery Laparotomy

Hi Ladies

I had my surgery yesterday and unfortunately it wasn't by laparoscopy. I had to have full laparotomy (open incision across the lower stomach). My surgery was complex and I'm in a lot of pain today.

My ovaries were both stuck at the left side and had cysts on both of them. They unstuck and placed them back where the belonged, and excised the cysts. Unfortunately there was a large mass discovered on opening me up, behind the womb, they removed this and it's been sent for pathology. Fingers crossed it's nothing sinister, it wasn't an endometrial cyst according to my surgeon, dunno why I don't find that comforting!

My main problem is I have severe adenomyosis and that even though I've had this surgery, I may still have pain ongoing until I get a hysterectomy after IVF.


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Amanda sorry to hear you had to have more in depth surgery than expected. Hopefully the op will buy you some time to have the IVF before having the hyst done. Hope the post op pain is manageable. I will keep my fingers crossed for u x

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Fingers and toes crossed. All I want is the chance to be a mum. Then they can have my womb and all the pain with it xx thanks for your kind words it means a lot x


I had a lap recently and in hindsight don't think I was that easy on myself. So I recommend taking it gently on your recovery. Don't feel bad if you're feeling positive one minute and boohooing the next. Take one day at a time. Really hoping you have a good recovery and can move towards successful IVF :-)


I've had a few laps and this is my 2nd full incision surgery. It's definitely draining and takes longer to recover than keyhole surgery. I'm quite hormonal anyway and cry at the drop of a hat so I hate to think what I'm going to be like in the next few weeks and during IVF lol.



I hope you feel better soon Amanda. Xx


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