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Doctors I've had enough !

Some of you may have read a previous post about my doctor saying I was overweight lying to her and endo doesn't cause you to put on weight. Well today I received a response from my complaint and she is disgusting she hasn't listened to a word of it. How would she know the problems is ladies face with endo doctors just bury their heads cause none of them understand the condition. Just because there is no cure and no proper understanding does not in any way give them the right to demean us. I'm disgusted I was put down for a hysterectomy last September still not heard anything I have 2 periods a month at least and this doctor tells me it doesn't bloat you and cause some weight increase in outraged. Sorry to vent on here but I feel so upset and let down and angry. My health trainer said I'm the smallest person she sees yet the doctor makes out I'm obese yet the doctor in her response said the health trainer has said exactly the same as her what a joke the health trainer said I need to eat breakfast and dinner yet the doc said I eat to much I'm the one that's done this to my body by what I let pass my lips. Maybe she needs go back to school she is a professional she is meant to act like one not be so mean and lie like she has.

Sorry again for venting I'm just fed up with us ladies being treated so badly by people who don't understand endo. They should listen to us maybe they would learn something then.

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Also I do exercise but do they not realise sometimes the pain is so bad you literally can't do it. Bet if I saw a doc that has endo I would have had better response. Xx


I was going to say something along those lines. Yes we do gain weight. Partly because of the disease bloating us up. And partly because when it feels like I am better off unconscious then have all the pain, I am not going to be exercising. Unless you count all those laps to the bathroom to have horrific abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and vomiting; then back to curl up in the fetal position in my bed.............

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Thank you so much for your replies and glad people agree with me I started thinking I was going insane. Xx


Hi Becki

I think this doctor clearly has problems and it taking them out on you. A lot of doctors do this I'm afraid, and I have to say a lot can be women.

But I have been having a quick look through your posts and am concerned about the hysterectomy you are down for. You have said you are in a lot of pain and that you have had endo found everywhere. You have been on the menopause injections and if a general gynaecologist (ie just the gynae department of a local hospital) has said that a hysterectomy is the cure for your endo, then they are wrong. You are only 30 and this is a huge consideration.

I think someone needs to look at your history and see exactly what your situation is and whether you are being treated properly. It may be that you have endo in complex areas that only a highly skilled specialist can deal with and it sounds to me that you certainly need a second opinion from such a centre anyway.

Can you private message me and let me know your history in as much detail as possible - what your symptoms are and where endo was found, and what area of the UK you are in. x


Sorry to hear Bekie84 it is a hard enough thing to go through and when you don't have the right support from your doctor that makes it so much harder. Is there any way you can request to see someone else?

Unfortunately there are so may docs out there who are just not sympathetic and simply don't take the time to understand their patients needs. I faced the same issue with my GP.

I was lucky enough to be able to see a private gyno who also is on NHS, she was so kind and has been a great support even though after my consultations I was seeing her on the NHS. Sometimes you can get lucky.

I really would advice you ask to see another doctor and hopefully it will help you.

All the best xxx


Thank you for your kind reply and I will defo ask to see someone else I've seen so many different people I just hope something gets easier soon xx


I can understand your frustration as had the same kind of responce from a gynaecologist in the hospital as spoke like my symptoms were all in my head I was sick of it all and I said to them would I be here if it was all in my head I feel you go through a few un sympathetic dr and consultants before you find one that listens to you but I think your options should be discussed further as I don't feel a hysterectomy is for someone that no had a family and should only be a option if the woman family is complete hope this helps and u get some answers soon take care and wish u all the best xx


Do be very sure to get a full thyroid function test done because all too often endo runs hand in hand with hypothyroid

It must be


Free t4

Free t3

Thyroid antibodies




Vit d3

They are all interelated and thyroiduk on health unlocked have more than enough people well able to correctly understand the results


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