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Has anyone been put on cerazette??

Hey so after the ultra sound and GP visit my doc agrees it sounds like it is endo. My do said cause I haven't had any children yet that they would be reluctant to perform a lap?! So she said cause I have extremely heavy and painful bleeds she would put me in cerazette to stop my monthly bleeds. If this doesn't help with the pain then she will refer me for to a gynaecologist, just wondered if any of you had tried this and had any luck with the pain subsiding?

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I would demand a lap if I was you! I got diagnosed that it was defo endo after the ultrasound, first thing they said to me was look at that beauty! I thought she meant I was pregnant, If they had my heart on a monitor wooo, it would of hit the roof! I had 10 by 10cm cysts on each ovary. They could see that it was endo by ultrasound but they said to do a lap to confirm. They thought it wasnt that bad thinking just stage 1, they went in and it was actually stage 3 going on stage 4 which is the highest. Until they go in and investigate you will not get proper treatment and they will keep on fobbin you off!! After my first lap I felt so much better but it is slowly getting worse. Seriously, go back to your GP, say you need to be referred as you are in so much pain, speak to the consultant and then you will start getting proper treatment. I am now at the age of wanting children, if I didnt demand blood tests, scans and for my urine to be sent off to prove to them this pain was not a urine infection. I would not be where I am now. Real best of luck to you!! :) ... Is Cerazette a type of contraceptive pill? .. Also if it is, I had to have my endo sent off to the path lab to see which hormone I am lacking and what I have too much of, I was being prescribed the wrong hormone, which made my pain worse as it was the type endo lives off of! Until I had that laproscopy, they would never of know that! xx


Thanks for that I think I will go back and ask to be referred

Anyway. Yes cerazette is a contraceptive pill, I'm a little concerned as I've never been able to get on with any pill I've taken. Each time I was taken off for severe migraines and leg cramping. So I'm not holding out much hope for it. Sounds like you have had a tough time I hope it gets better for you. Thanks again


Hi.I only started taking cerazette in December and the first month was awful,I was in a lot of pain and had all the symptoms of a period but no bleeding.i was honestly ready to just give up on them.maybe it has just taken my body time to get used to it as now I feel so much better.I have also removed wheat from my diet which has helped hugely.as cerazette is a pop it will hopefully not give you migraines.if your symptoms don't improve I would ask for a lap.children or not,it's the only way to find out what is going on in there! Good luck.


Hi hun, I was on cerazette for about 3 years and when I came off of them the trouble started.

It does what it says on the tin and stops you bleeding but I would never have taken it if I knew the problems after.

Of course I'm not a medical expert but when I stopped the cerazette I didn't bleed for months after, then I bled all the time. About a year after coming off of them was when I started with surgery for endo and surgery for cortorizing the cervix.

I don't know if it happens to others or if its a coincidence but I have not been able to conceive ever since. I would see if you can get a second opinion. I haven't had children and had a lap. This whole process can go on for a long time so I would push the go a bit to refer you.

I really wish you all the best, please don't just live with the problem. I've been in agony for a few years now and you need to get as much advice as you can. Take care x Danielle x


I'm getting lots of pain and sickness ever since I started taking them I have a docs app at 12 so gonna ask for the referral just wanna get the ball moving to get this sorted!! Having to take another day off work which isn't good!! Sorry to hear about all your problems ill keep you updated


Good luck. Definitely keep us updated. That's what I love about this forum, we're all in this together. Like I said, if your doctor doesn't want to refer you then ask for a second opinion x


Got a referral to a gynaecologist after being tested yet again for a water infection I don't have! But at least I've now been referred, I've been told to stay on the cerazette though they have now said I can keep taking the diclofenac for the pain. Thanks every one xx


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