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Been in pain since November and been back and forth to doctors & hospital had an ultrasound & shown that I had a cyst on my left side then received a letter through the post saying it is a normal cyst?im waiting to have the lap op done to see if I do have endo or not and I'm fed up tried every pain relief I can and now I've started microgronon 30 and still In agony help appreciated x

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I would go back and see your doctor and see if they can put you on other pain relief have you been giving a date for your lap I know that was put on the waiting list for mine and it was 8 to 12 weeks I had my lap in January this year and found endometriosis but I had to fight for 15 months to get refered to gynaecology and in that time ended up in hospital 3 times my advice is keep on at the doctors about they will soon get fed up hope you feel better soon get some relief as nothing worse than trying to get through a day of being in pain xx


I've had been back and forth to the docs who recommended the gyno felt abit rushed when I was trying to explain he said I'll put you on the waiting list it does sound like endo and gave me a leaflet rang a few times and not been given a date I've tried tramadol co coda mol naproxen and now the pill which hasn't helped and I've been having dark clotting over 8 days now I'm just so fed up I don't want to get up see anyone do anything talk to anyone I'm at my wits end xx


My cysts have always been "normal" cysts but they have hospitalized me a few times with pain.

I agree with Nicola ask for pain relief, I was on tramadol and diclofenac, they didn't work so am now on morphine patches

I wish you luck

Sending hugs x


Thank you I was on my period at the time of the internal ultra sound and it was about 2 cm on my left ovary that's where I feel the pain a lot of the time and now it feels worse but she said it could be a follicle every time I've been te docs and rang nhs helpline they just said take tablets because my vital signs are normal so frustrating I'll get back in touch with the doctor to see if there's anything else thanks x


I had a folicure cyst and when gave me my lap in January it had disappeared on it own normally don't remove a cyst till it's more than 5 cm Hunni that's all I got told take pain meds I was sick of waking up in the morning in pain and no having no energy I have to see gynae in September so will hopefully shine some light on what going to happen xx


Hope it all goes well for you personally I don't think doctors take this seriously or even suspected endo to have women wait and be in the dark and feel alone is just awful and it needs to be prioritised hopefully when I get the date for the op I will know more watch this space xx


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