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Can endo cause sciatica pain?


I have been having constant back pain since January, waiting to see gynae in July but have started with pains down into my hips, bum and left leg, I even feel like I have buzzing buttocks (very strange sensation) but definitely feels nerve related. Can’t take ibrufen as just had gall bladder surgery and naproxen don’t agree with me - any suggestions? Wondering if this is endo related as I have confirmed endo inside and outside of my bladder, a cyst on my right ovary with a daughter cyst inside. Just feeling very uncomfortable and sorry for myself 🙁

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Yes it sure can. I have exactly the same. They put me on pregabalin but also they may gry gabapentin a nerve related drug. I also had an MRI as apparently endo can get on nerves too as it all sticks together.

Hope you get it sorted soon xx

Hello! I have the same sensations. I have researched into it. There is something called Sciatica Endometriosis, but it is quite rare. What is not rare is that you would experience the type of sensations you have now. Let me explain the difference. Sciatica Endo grows on the nerve and would require surgery because it could cause permanent nerve damage. You can experience Sciatica without Endo growing on the nerves. This is due to the Endo pressuring on the nerves as it grows on other organs, pelvic wall and floor, etc. Imagine how inflamed the region might get because of the Endo and how this could affect the entire system.

When I spoke to my doctor about the Sciatica did not believe the Endo was growing on the nerve, especially after I explained my symptoms to him . I will have a Lap in a few weeks. I will confirm it then and of course I am crossing my fingers that it is not Sciatica Endo.

Speak to your doctor about your symptoms, it is important to discard that it is not Sciatica Endo.

I hope this helped!

With kindness

Poppy1973 in reply to Mparstoy

Thank you for your comments, I will research it further. As I had endo confirmed from a biopsy I have never had a lap, I am worried what state my insides are in! I will definitely mention this when I see the gynae. Good luck with your lap x

Mparstoy in reply to Poppy1973

Thank you! I wish you the best! What relieves my possible is heat, especially getting into hot water!

Yes I’m getting this leg pain and back pain really bad when it comes I’m limping on my right leg always comes on the right side!! I’m awaiting laparoscopic surgery to see if I have endo my gp said it’s not related but I think it is!!

Poppy1973 in reply to Sandy90

It’s so difficult to know what is related and what is not, we don’t have a BSGE close to us so I only see a general gynae. I am hoping you get some results from your lap x

I have sciatic pain on right side from ovarian cyst/damage and swollen tube! The inflammation can compress the nerve, causing the type of pain you describe. I have surgery to remove my ovary and tube about a month ago and still waiting for some relief of the sciatica pain.

Did you put weight on I’ve put two stone on 😫

I gained weight when I went on visanne but then lost a lot of it when I went on Lupron! I’m pretty close to my previous weight but not in great shape. I think it’s the more sedentary lifestyle :( every time I try to workout (which I rarely have the energy for) it triggers a flare up!

Yes same I can’t work out over the pain but I’m not a big eater probably one meal a day and I’m just putting weight on rapidly it’s like fluid building up!

Yeah I’m hardly eating and gaining weight or atleast not losing any! And a lot of water retention :(

I’ve got deep endo on my uterosacral ligaments and get lots of lower back and leg pain. Also get restless legs. My consultant thinks it is the endo and has operated on adhesions in this area before and seen legs flinching during the surgery, even under the general anaesthetic!

Only thing I found that has worked is switching ovaries off with zoladex. It hasn’t cured the pain but has definitely reduced it.

Good luck

Thank you for your comments, I am hoping the gynae takes my symptoms seriously, I don’t really want to be put into the medical menopause but if it is the only thing to stop this disease spreading and therefore removing the pain and discomfort then I have no choice. X

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