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Got diagnosed with Ednometrosis in December last year! Had a laparoscopy do discover this. Been good only had a few times but it's lasted like a few hours but I didn't sleep last night been bed bound all day part from doctors and nhs community hospital tonight and still can't sleep cause the pain is so bad!

I'm taking 30/500 co-codomal and tramdol and also naproxen but the pain is getting worse has anyone tried something else that's worked for them? Just want the pain to go away :(

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  • Hi Laurak

    I take cocodamol and tramadol together but when this is not enough the doctor has prescribed oramorph. You can't take this with Tramadol as far as I'm aware but my GP gave it me as an alternative when the pain is very bad. I also use a heat pad on my back all the time and raise my legs as it puts less pressure on the abdomen. I'm actually sat like this as I'm writing as I'm in pain xxx I do think if the pain relief you taking isn't enough to at least reduce your pain a visit to the hospital may be needed as they can prescibe morphine which is a lot stronger plus they can check you over. All the best and I hope the pain improves xxx

  • Thanks Kayleigh! I've never had the oramorpth! Been on a lot of different pain killers. Im currently lying with a hot water bottle on my belly will try raising my legs to see if that's helps. Didn't know about that! Hope your pain goes away soon too!

    Got to go see my Gp again tomorrow so trying to hold off till then. Thanks again for your advice xxxx

  • I really hope your GP is good and you have their support to get some relief as pain is so draining and uncomfortable. I find leg raising can help me as I get pain in my hips and it relieves that as well. I hope it helps and the hot water bottle is always a good shout.

    All the best and keep smiling there are ways and means of managing this with the right support and drugs he he xxx

  • I only learnt last week that raising your legs helps with abdominal pain. I was in hospital and the nurse raised the end of the bed. Within a few minutes the pain had eased. I'd far rather do this than take pain meds. A few pillows would do the trick.

  • Hi Laura - what did they find and do at your lap - did they remove all the endo that was found? Is your pain just at period time or at other times too. Can you describe it? If your lap was in general gynae they might nave missed some. x

  • Hi Linda. I've not had my follow up appointment yet at gyne. All I know is it was lasered off. It's constantly sore worse than period pain it's like tooth ache but constantly with shooting pains. It was a gyne specialist that done the lapaocospy x

  • Hi Laura - there will be a report at your GP surgery as to what was done but if it was at a specialist centre such as the BSGE ones then we have to assume for now it will have been dealt with properly. They use laser to both excise and ablate (vaporise) as appropriate. If it was severe involving complex areas with nerve involvement then you could still be feeling residual nerve pain. But if pain has returned and continues to worsen then I should keep a diary of the symptoms and consider a second opinion from another centre if you are still not happy after your follow up. x

  • It was done in the hospital didn't go to any specialists for it. I've been keeping a diary of when it does flare up but this is the worse it's been since my op. Got to go back to the doctors today so hopefully they will be able to help me out as my follow up isn't till August x

  • Hi Laura - when you said it was an endo specialist I assumed it was a 'proper'one. I seems most likely that you have been seen by a general obstetrician who, at best, will have just burned the surface of your endo. This is singularly the cause of most ladies' endo 'returning' when in fact it wasn't removed in the first place and they are left to cope with hormone medications and/or pain meds whilst the endo continues to grow. I know your follow up isn't until August but this gives you time to learn all you can about the condition and what options are open to you for proper treatment so you can take charge rather than unspecialised consultants. If you click on my name you can see a post on how to find a specialist. x

  • thank you so much for sharing I have exactly the same mine wasn't lasered off by a specialist and it has got worse since the lap end of 2013 and he has now retired and when you mention his name everyone raises their eyebrows so I am constantly worried what he put me through and done to my isnides! He just oh all better now yes ive got rid of it but he didn't explain anything or talk to me at all, absolutely useless! going back to doctor next week to see if will listen and try again to get referral, are there specialists in endo then I can mention to him rather than the gynae who never listen to me? thanks everyone for sharing, feeling very low today and reading the posts and knowing not alone really helps xx

  • I was at doctors yesterday and ended up at the out of hours last night as the pain got worse. Have to go see my doctor again today as it's not getting any better and I only got my op done in December 2014. Hope your gp will be able to help you. I'm thinking of looking at going to a specialist for it too. As I'm only 22 nearly 23 and they ain't doing much to help me

  • it is the fighting all the time, I'm 41 and when I look back I've had it years but took 2 years of fighting to get taken seriously then diagnosed end of 2013 but since then had no support or help just fobbed off. sorry about the pain getting worse and doctor not really helping, did she offer any advice on the pain when you saw last night? stupid thing is now is when they should be helping you hun rather than you suffering another 20 years like us oldies have (I didn't feel old til you said 22 now I feel a right old mare!!!) 41 years young really! ;) xx

  • It took me 2 years of fighting for them to finally do something too! All they done was gave me naproxen but it's not helped any. 41 is not old! Hopefully they do something for you too! Will let you know how I get on today and see if it helps you any!! X

  • thanks hun think just feeling old today with endo pain and granny cardigan and hot water bottle when everyone else is outside in the sunshine!! ;) keep us posted hun and keep smiling x

  • I'm curled up back on my sofa with a blanket and hot water bottle! I've to keep taking my pain killers and if it's not any better by Friday I've to go back and it will be a trip to hospital for morphine and possibly surgery again!

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • oh hun sorry to hear, have you tried rubbing some lavender on your wrists and temples or burning a relaxing candle and putting on some meditation music while resting with our dear friend the hot water bottle? failing that how about a good chick flick to distract for a bit? x

  • Going to go for a bath with lavender bubble bath hopefully that helps and I will be able to get some sleep. My wee sister is patiently waiting on me to watch a chick flick with her x

  • bless glad someone there looking after you, it may sound hippie but meditation or calming music can help but lavender definitely does that or chamomile, pukka do great teas as well liquorice and mint which I find help the cramps - try and find a bubble bath that is more natural so no SLS in (nasty chemicals) or Epsom salts are supposed to be really good for relaxing muscles and can put drops of natural essential oils in - xx

  • I've got a lavender candle that I put on earlier. Just hoping that I get a decent sleep now! Aw my wee sister has been great at helping me even having to help me get dressed which I never thought I would need help with xx

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