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Advice please

Hello Everyone

I just need some advice please. I been having period pain most days since February. Saw the gynecologist and she said she does not think it is endometriosis because the period pain is not very intense. She said to wait 6 months then will do a lab and check for any problems. I have an appointment in December to go see her again.

The last 4 weeks have been horrible. I started bleeding 2 weeks after last period. Only for 2 days. Been having period pains everyday. Sore breast, nausea, bloated tummy, very gassy, hardly any appetite and very tired. I have been hoping it is early pregnancy symptoms but all test negative. I am 6 days late.

Does Endometriosis cause all these symptoms. My mom has been daignose with colon cancer. She had been having tummy problems for months but they kept saying it is IBS.

I am going to go to urgent care at GP surgery on Tuesday to ask for a scan and a bloodtest. I am going to scream if they tell me to just take painkillers.

Sorry for the long post just very frustated at the moment. Want to know what it wrong with me.

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I have had my endometriosis cause all these symptoms. I was worried too as my mum has also had cancer. Not nice when all the symptoms point to ovarian or colon cancer.

Do you not think the little bleed could have been an implantation bleed? I always like to think positive all the signs could be because your pregnant? Either way I would want to know so press for a scan. Tell um you have diarrhea and shoulder pain and they will whip you in there like a shot, I know it's awful but sometimes these things have to be done


Thank you very much for your reply. I am hoping it is just early pregnancy symptoms. We have been trying for so long and most months I think I am pregnant. Will go GP on Tuesday.

Take care


Hello I have just read you're message and I hope

You don't mind me replying

I had all these symptoms and yes even though of cancer as the pain and bleeding was horrendous but I figured as if it was cancer I'd be dead.by now as it went on for years and years I was offered the coil they couldn't get it in as I was bleeding so fast and so much I had in all 10 months of period ever day then weeks of nothing then as soon as you begin to relax and feel there gone well they re occur with a vengeance

I even been driving and flooded had to turn round and go. Ack the clots the pain the spots the itching skin the hair loss the weight gain the lot it's horrendous

I know the depo prostrap isn't great for everyone but I would 100% recomend you to try it give it 3 mints it will work by the 2 injection

It's changed my life I work go swimming go walking go out relaxed and lost weight these menoupuabse tabs work as well just try it what's anyone got to loose I've had blood transfusions been in hospital been severe anemic and all because of periods docters looking at you like you're mad or lying so then

You stand up in the docters and flood everywere loads of blood spilling out you're pants into the floor took the docter to believe me he was gobsmacked I was a crying wreck and ready to end it all seriously

Marriage was nearly over and I hated my life but now it's 100% turn around and it's thanks to this injection

I hope be eryone is ok and I'm here to talk of anyone needs a 1-2-1 as I'm sure others are but please don't hesitate to ask me or just if you feel like a chat let me know take care veveryone xxx


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I was shocked reading your post. You really went through a very hard time. I am really glad things have turned around for you and you have your life back. Your story is truly inspirational.

My bleeding is not that bad. It ia just the period pain that I get daily that is getting to me. Been up since midnight. We are trying for a baby so don't want to use any contraception but will have to keep it in mind if I don't get better.

Take care x


Bless you! You should not have to put up with this pain. You are taking all the right steps and seeing as your symptoms are changing I hope they consider seeing you sooner. Give the gynae secretary a call and explain or maybe your doctor can ask to bring forward your appointment. I hope you get some answers soon, take care xxx


Thank you. I called this morning and managed to get appointment for 19th September.

Take care x


That's great, best of luck xxx


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