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any advice please


I had a lap 20 months ago, the last 10 months I have been getting gradually worse each month. The symptoms are constantly changing so haven't a clue what is wrong with me!

I had endo visible and treated. The doc said there was probably be more and that he only could see so far. My bowel was stuck to my side which he sorted. My period for the last few months has been very heavy and then very light. I am so tired and thirsty that I am starting to wonder if I could be bleeding inside and thats why my periods have been relatively light? My pain is also bad after my period and another lady mentioned perhaps a chocolate cyst. Would this do this to me?

Very sorry to moan as I know most people on here are far worse but have no-one to talk to about it :(

Thanks for any advice xx

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HI, sorry to hear you are in pain. If all the endo wasnt removed during your last lap and you havent been taking anything to control further growth (eg the Pill or GNRH Analogue injections), then its likely your remaining endo growths are causing your pain. I am on Prostap injections at the moment, so havent had a period since March (bliss!), but I remember when I did have them that the 'flow' could vary quite a lot - one month there might hardly be any but maybe lasting a week, the next month big, nasty clots and 'flooding' but just for a couple of days. Tiredness is a classic endo symptom, but can also be a sign of anaemia - you can be tested for this by your GP. I understand chocolate cysts can be painful too (as far as I know I dont have them!). Are you still seeing your consultant? I think you do need to see someone about further treatment and also, if you are constantly thirsty, see your GP as it might be something other than endo which is causing that.


thanks so much for your reply & really sorry I didn't thank you sooner x


No worries! Hope you're doing ok.


I just had two orange size chocolate cysts removed and had no idea I had them or even endo until I had a scan for something completely unrelated. I have stage 4 endo but barely any symptoms except some mild bum pain and needle like pain in my torso which I would never have gone to the doctors about. Even my periods are light and painless. I certainly had no idea I had two cysts the size if oranges. What I am learning is that everyone is different so you could have them but then not necessarily. Only a medical professional could tell you. To be honest I even asked my consultant if he was sure I had it because I felt fine and feel fine. It's a very odd disease. But I am grateful mine manifests itself as it does at the moment.


Blimey and yes you are totally right a very odd disease. So glad you don't suffer too much :)


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