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Advice please

Hi ladies,

This is going to be quite a long one. Went to the colposcopy clinic yesterday (I had pre cancerous cells removed a few years ago) for hopefully what is my last yearly smear, and I spoke to her about my problems with endometriosis. She said there is no way I should have to wait that long to see the endo specialist and said I should ring the gynae's secretary and ask to be put on prostap while I am waiting to see him. I also have another option, my wonderful mum has offered to pay for my first consultation with an endometriosis specialist to get things moving quicker, because she knows how much pain I'm in. I don't know what to do. Who would I ring if I decided to go with that option? Would it be the gynae department at my hospital? I have no idea lol. Any advice would be appreciated x x x

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I had great results getting a private appointment. My first nhs gynae appointment went terribly. (Told I didn't have endo- I do).

I dont know about the endo centres,but if you just want a normal gynae appointment ,You can decide who you want to see. Your gp has to write a referral letter. .and there is no waiting like on nhs. You could be seen in a few days. So it might be similar process.

The consultant took time to listen to me. Costs around £150 -£200. Definitely worth it. I got listed for my first lap in that same appointment.

Only thing I would say is that gynae missed much endo during that lap. So if you can see an endo specialist , it's probably better.

I'm currently waiting for a renal appointment but it's likely I'll try to get referred to endo centre after that. If I could get the 1st consultation privately to speed things up I would.

Defo worth it hun.



Thanks for the reply hun,

Sounds like a good idea to have the first consultation with the endometriosis specialist like that. So I need to see my gp for a referral not the gynae? Also if I pay for the first one, will they do everything else nhs because obviously I wouldn't be able to have the first initial consultation without my mum paying for it? Glad your getting thing's sorted out x x



I have lots of urinary issues as well as caused by my endo and I was told I would have to wait over two months for a urology appointment. I was going to go private to move the appointment forward, whilst I was arranging this my mum took matters in to her own hands and called the secretary and explained everything and said could he ask the urologist to look at my notes and see if he felt it was appropriate to wait two months. This was on the Wednesday and on the Thursday they called me back and asked me to come in the following day.

So you could try talking to the secretary as this is who you would need to speak to to go private anyway ( I get upset when I'm discussing everything that's happened and let my self get fobbed off which is why my mum decided to intervene).

Sometimes they can be really helpful.

I hope you get an appointment soon.


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Hi hun,

Sorry to hear about your urinary issues too. I'll get my husband to ring the secretary and explain the situation and see what happens. I get a bit worried sometimes when trying to talk to people, not because I'm scared of them but I just get freaked out talking to people on the.phone. Thanks for the advice hun, and hope they get you sorted soon x x


I'm not sure exactly how it works with the endo centre..but that was my experience getting access to a private gynae app. So its possibly a similar experience..I think lindle has posted some info about accessing the centres, might include info about accessing them privately.

You can switch between private and nhs but you will be subjected to same waits as the rest of the nhs patients. However, your consultant will at least be aware of who you are and sort out any urgent treatment. I had that private app and then switched to nhs( couldn't afford private surgery! ) and got a short notice cancellation appointment.

PS- great advice from Lost girl above. I too get emotional and then fobbed off, so my bf now attends my appointments with me and sometimes speaks on my behalf. Fantastic advice about ringing sec and asking to see if appropriate that you should wait that long!



That's the thing with me, once I've been seen by the endometriosis specialist and hopefully he will give me different medication etc, I will be ok, it's the fact I have to wait nearly 5 months to be seen by him, which I feel I can't do. That's why my mum has offered to pay for the first appointment to at least get the ball rolling before October x x


5 months :( That's terrible! I completely understand. That first gynae told me to go away and come back in 6 months..I was like " I can't live another 6 months like this!".

I hope you get an appointment soon.



I know it's a ridiculous amount of time to wait isn't it? That's why my mum has said she will pay for the first appointment to get things moving soon at least. Thank you and I will let you know what happens x x


What area do you live in?

Whatever you do do not pay for a private consultation with a general gyni that would be like trying to make a cup of tea in a chocolate teapot (useless)!

You need to decide which endo treatment centre would be best for you then contact them directly for a private consultation then if you are happy with them go to your gp with there details and ask for a referal straight to them on the NHS they CAN NOT refuse it's your body your right your choice...

I would highly recommend the centre that done my surgery in one word bloody amazing (ok that's 2) but you get the gist..

But obviously it depends where you live and if you are prepared to travel? If you like any further help just message me.

Endo hugs yazza. X


Thanks Yazza,

I live southend in Essex. I'm definitely not paying for a gynae that works for the nhs, we have a private hospital here with 3 endometriosis specialists so will contact them directly. Are there any endo specialist centres in my area that you know of? I won't mind travelling for treatment x x Will let you know what happens, thank you for the advice x x


Hi - click on my name and look at my post on finding a specialist. They are on the BSGE list. For your first private consultation you don't always need a GP referral but I think it is best so you are seen to have their support. Make sure you are involved in the writing of the letter so it says what you want it to. GPs can sadly be very uninformed with endo and can write some very strange letters trying to write about something they don't understand! The list shows their NHS hospitals but a lot have separate private practices. You are very near the one generally regarded as the best in the south east who is one of a very few that undertake a treatment called total peritoneal excision for severe disease if it is appropriate. I will pm you the link to his private practice with contact details. x


Hi Lindle, thank you. If you could Pm me the link that would be great please x x


On the map it looks to me that you are closest to the James Cook university hospital or Maidstone Kent.

I would just advise you pay for a consult with the consultant you want to use at whichever centre you'd prefer as you don't want to be repeating yourself with several different drs.

Good luck keeps us informed how you get on .

Yazza. Xx


Thank you hun, will keep you updated x x


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