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Does exercise help?

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well as can be. I've not been on for a while.

Just wondering if people thinks exercise helps? I've been off work since February, had my second lap in march and consultant removed endo from everywhere, Inc bowel and bladder. I have to have another op on my bladder on 24th June.

I'm literally unable to do much at the min. I'm in constant pain and my back is aching really bad too. I'm just wondering if anyone has tried a exercise bike? I walked to the shop yesterday which is only round the corner and on my way back I was in agony felt like my groin was being stretched. I'm not sure if it's the endo and bladder problems causing the pain or if it's because I haven't been doing much over the last 4 months. I don't go out the house hardly at the min apart from to the shop and back and to hospital appointments and my docs.

I just wondered if the exercise bike would be a good Idea, even if I only managed 5 mins a day so I'm doing a little exercise? I don't need to lose weight I'm not eating much at min and under 8st. I just don't Want to buy a exercise bike and then not be able to use it.

Aby advise would be great thank you xx

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Hi hun.

Sorry to hear that you are still suffering from bad pain.

I am the same at the moment a lot of days I am struggling to walk, but I do find the less I move the worse the pain is.

I got assessed by The women's physio whilst in hospital and she said to me whilst waiting for my appointment to try some yoga and pilates.

I used to a lot of yoga before the pain got bad but stopped because I think I felt it was the best thing to stop at the time but I now wish I had carried on, I have been doing a small amount each day so in not overdoing it and can honestly say on the bad days as much as I don't feel like it once I start I can feel a release of the tension in the hip, pelvic back and leg area.

So I would really recommend it even if it's just a small amount each day.

Hope this helps

Jo xx


Thanks sweetie that's really helpful. I'm not a exercise girl I have attempted the gym once and hated it. I've no idea with yoga. Do they do like a dvd or anything to copy?

I just think I need to try something even if it's just 5-10mins a day xx


That's ok hun it's worth a try it really has helped me.

This was the one I started with and I think it's a good one to start with.

Yoga For Beginners [DVD] [2008] amazon.co.uk/dp/B001E2N5JQ/...

Yes i think yoga would be ideal because you can do as little or as much as you would like.

Hope it helps hun xx


Thanks hun I'll get that ordered and give it ago anything is worth a try again the mo xx


Yes definately is hun, o would look for a beginners pilates dvd too.

I really think it will make a difference hun, I have been forcing myself to do it this week and I have defdefinitely felt better for it afterwards. Xx


I'm definitely going to give it a go hun. I'll order that dvd right now so I don't forget. I'll let you know how I get on with it, hopefully it will help xx


I've just ordered it it's being delivered Friday so we'll see how I go. Thanks again for advice hun its really helpful and I'm willing to try anything xx


I believe exersise helps speed up recovery for anything if done correctly. Golden rule is, if it hurts then don't do it!!

Maybe start off with some stretching and yoga. You will get demos on YouTube for free. A gym ball is amazing for recovering from surgery in the area. Post natal exercises should be perfect.

I use to lie on the floor and put my feet on a ball and simply role my legs side to side. Helps strenthing your core which is the key are as that's where the surgery has been.

Get well soo hun x


Thanks sweetie that's really helpful. I'm going to order a yoga dvd and try that and like you say if it hurts don't do it. Anything is worth a try at mo. Thanks for replying x


I used to exercise a lot but as my symptoms have worsened this is diminishing. I find anything that causes jiggling - running, interval training, all the good stuff, just causes me grief later on. Some days I am fine on an exercise or spin bike and on others I am not, it sometimes feels like there is a solid mass in my abdomen that bangs when I pedal. Cross trainer is good as there is no impact as are the gym machines that are like you are skating. I used to do CXWorx which is a low impact core class but this is now too painful even at the lowest intensity level so I imaging Pilates would be as bad, I used to do Pilates every week and if done correctly it hurts on a regular person so would not go near as someone with abdo pain! I tried using a gym ball but that puts pressure on the abdomen which does not end well! The most consistent thing I am able to do is swimming as even on a moderate pain day I can do that. I find using a sauna or steam room afterwards is amazing, it really melts the pain away; sadly it does return.

Sadly my fitness levels must be rubbish now, when I finally get sorted I am going to be hitting the gym to make up for lost time. At the moment I am doing what I can when I can and trying not to beat myself up about it. I do also try to walk a few miles a couple of times a week with my husband but even that can be a trigger to massive pain and spasms - not fun when you are away from home and your bowel decides to get involved!


Ohh hun sounds awful that you can't do what you are use too. Us endo girls don't have it easy do we. I'm not a exercise kinda girl so I'm not missing anything but I'm feeling worse than ever at the mo and as you say a simple walk can be painful. Somedays I can't even take my little dog to the park I'm that bad and with my bladder problems most days I need to make sure I'm close to the loo. Great.

The one thing you mentioned is swimming but I can't really swim a few people in the past have said this helps. Maybe I should get myself some lessons.

Thanks so much for the reply I will definitely try the sauna and steam room. I've got my jacuzzi bath at home that's a huge help when the pain is bad if I get it really hot xx


I personally feel that exercise has a massive positive impact upon how I feel. As others have found, yoga has definitely been a good form of exercise and, even when I think I might not be able to complete a class, I have managed well. The benefit of going to a class rather than using a video is that you have the advise of the teacher who can show you alternative postures if there are some parts of the class you can't manage. I also walk 20 minutes each way to work and walk my dog each evening. My approach is not to set myself unrealistic goals and to try and pick exercise that I enjoy rather than feel forced to do. This time last year I had days when I could barely walk. I've made a number of changes to my lifestyle whichh collectively have made a massive difference.

Any concerns consult your doctor! xx


Thanks hun. That's really helpful. Im definetly going to give the yoga a go. I'll get myself a dvd and if I enjoy it I'll look at joining a class. That would get me out and about a bit too. I really feel like I need to do something as I'm just getting worse all the time not better so like you did some life changes I'm thinking I need to so the same. Thanks for your reply hun xx


Hi, yes I have found exercise combined with healthy eating and reducing stress where possible beneficial.

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do with the added benefit of less stress on your joints and the well documented benefits of hydrotherapy.

When I did my knee in I was only allowed to exercise in the pool. My physio recommended alternating between 2 swimming 2 laps only using my arms not my legs then walking 2 laps.

I also tried a couple of Aqua fitness classes and despite being the youngest in there it was actually quite difficult to keep up - it's harder than it looks😜!

Best wishes, x


Aww thanks for the reply hun. I actually can't swim...well I can a bit but it's more like splashing about looking like I'm about to drown. I definitely need to try something. I think I should get myself some swimming lessons on the go after what everyone has said on here xx


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