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Little help needed !

Hello everyone I had a full hysterectomy was told I had severe endo that was 4 years ago , but for the last three years I have had pain in my right side just under my ribcage, I've had scans blood tests and a ct scan they have said they think it's muscle nerve pain again the ribcage asked could this be my endo back but in a different place I was just dismissed , I'm sick of the pain, the only relief is when im lying flat sitting is uncomfortable I have changed my dieti exercise 2 a week but nothing realy helps , has anyone had panini the same place feel likeimgoing mad because the doctors just. Don't seem to believe me help!

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Hello, when was the last time you see a endo doc regarding it, and that did they do treatment wise,


My doctors keep fobbing me off I moved a year after my hysterectomy so not seen a endo doctor I have asked my doctors to refer me but they say it won't come back ? After reading all this I cann see it realy does


Print some info out about hysterectomy not being a cure for endo and that it can certainly come back and take it with you, shove it up his nose, these doc make me sick, I think they all need to go on a few more courses

Medand to see a endo gyne, we have right,

Good luck


Agree with tboag. These docs need training in endo!! There are loads of articles online stating that hysterectomy doesn't cure it!! If need be go see a different gp and insist they refer you. Xx



I am having pain around loin area, and suspecting endo around my ureter. But all other cause needs to be ruled out and with your case, as hysterectomy was carried out, not sure where you stands.

Endometriosis does not show with ultra sound so need CT or MRI with specialist's eyes, I think...

Hope you will find what is the pain and get it sorted soon.


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