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Dark circles under eyes and anxiety


I am currently under gyne for suspected endo and due for my next appointment next week, I'm going to accept their advice and have a laparoscopy. I was just wondering if any of you brave endo sufferers have dark circles under your eyes ALL the time, even after a good sleep, and just feel completely wiped out. I was told I have an anxiety disorder after the birth of my baby girl and I'm wondering if it's the anxiety causing the fatigue, the endo causing the fatigue and anxiety or vice Versa! I feel like I've got the anxiety under wraps and I don't panic any more but there's something bringing on random bursts of anxiety, and I 100% believe it's hormone related. I'm sick of people telling me I look tired or ill. I've just started a new job and feel so self conscious, I've lost all my confidence and can barely speak to anyone, I must look like a right weirdo ha. I'm ovulating at the min and have a heavy bleed (with brown clots sorry tmi) with ovulation, lower back pain is unreal it's like sciatica pain, and I just feel 'blah' xx

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I have dark circles up my eyes too.. I can sleep all the time as so tired but still have dark circles.. Sorry not much help..x

Hinesm in reply to mickeymouse03

It's so frustrating I constantly look tired or ill even after a good nights sleep x I was just wondering if this could be endo related :) sorry that you have this problem to it's awful feeling so drained all the time

I was wondering the same, I think it may be.. And yeah im always tired but still looked drained and ill.. I haven't yet been diagnosed but every other thing have been crossed off the list and not going down the right road.. Just waiting for scan results then will be referred to a endometriosis specialist... Hope your okay and not in to much pain..xx

Hi. I was told once the dark circles can be a sign of gluten intolerance. I gave gluten up about 4 months ago now and I think my eyes are looking less tired. Mind you I am on reduced hours at work because of the pain so it may be that.

I've just gone back to work full time with two young children to care for so I'm a tad bit concerned about this fatigue and how il cope lol xx it's a pain in the butt but I can't afford not to work. This has gone on long before I went back to work mind so it's nothing to do with that, that will just exacerbate the fatigue :( I'll try a gluten free diet to see if that helps, as I so suffer with 'IBS' as well (which I now think is endo related). This back pain is awful though and I'm so fed up of the mid cycle bleeding! I feel like I'm on my period every two weeks. Xx thanks for the replies ladies

I have dark rings under my eyes. Had then for over 20years and was told I was to stay away from foods that contain gluten . That was 6 months ago . I also suffer from endo but I feel much better in my self and a lot of ingredient in foods aggrivate endo . I have notice myself hope you feel better soon. And we all need medals what we go through god bless x

Hinesm in reply to Lucky_7

A lot of people have told me to go on a gluten free diet, I'll have to give it a try :) where do you find all your info? X

You commented on my post saying you could have wrote it yourself? Well I could have wrote this one myself I have random bursts of anxiety and get worked up and panicky for no reason at all its always worse when im due on so I agree I think it is to do with the hormones.

Hinesm in reply to danni8889

I wonder if we do have some sort of hormonal imbalance after having children or we have endo causing the imbalance? It's so frustrating that the only way we will find out is by having a laparoscopy, something I really don't want X I started believing that I had PND and did some CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) which helped with the anxiety a lot, but I feel better now mentally and have gone back to work etc and I look forward to things so don't feel 'depressed', but physically I'm still drained. So I KNOW that this is all hormone related, it's got to be xx I've had every other test under the sun lol.

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