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Advice please... Does Exercise aggravate endometriosis ???

Hey guys...

I was diagnosed with Endo last year and not exercised since ... Due to the leg diagnosis and healing of a laparoscopy ............ But I love exercising and the gym.

So I have been trying to get back to gym again. BUT... After exercise, either at the evening or the next day, I feel really nauseated and in pain, which can last sometimes weeks, if I'm lucky a couple of days.

Does anyone out there know if exercise aggravates endometriosis?? Please reply... Because all I want to do is feel happy again... But as all you endo suffers know- it's so depressing and awful!

Thanks Ana

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I know everyone is different but I find regular exercise helps endo. It certainly helps my mood anyway, whether or not it helps the pain or aggrevates it I don't know because I am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor so have to exercise on a daily basis as I teach classes so. I don't know any different! Sometimes though I am in so much pain around my time of the month that I can't bear to exercise but I always feel better afterwards. Saying that though, the pain in my back is getting progressively worse and I do find some exercises can make that worse.

Generally. I would always recommend to clients that exercise would help but I'd look at each case individually and tailor a programme to suit. I think it's a case of trying a few different classes and finding what suits you and not make it worse. As you've not exercised for a while though, build it up slowly!

Feel free to message me if you need any more advice.

Also changing your diet can make a difference.


Do you know how I can find a pt with good understanding of endometriosis and adonomyosis . Have gsinef do much Weight.


Where are you based?

You can search on the REPs (register of exercise professionals) website for a registered PT in your area. Ideally you want someone who is qualified in Exercise Referral (sometimes called GP referral). Annoyingly endometriosis isn't covered in that qualification but, any decent PT who has done it should research the condition and be able to plan exercise accordingly because we have the knowledge and skills to be able to adapt exercises for people with injuries or illnesses. That's certainly what I do anyway when I have a client with a more unusual condition that wasn't covered in my course.

I suppose endo is a difficult one as it effects people in different ways. I tend to find staying fit helps me, and exercise helps me mentally too. Now my condition is more advanced I find a few things a bit more difficult due to endo on the bladder but any good PT should take this into consideration and anything you tell them should be 100% in confidence and treated with compassion!

Good luck and message me with any further queries x


I've always found exercise helpful. i have always thought that I could either sit in pain at home or exercise in pain - when it's bad then nothing can make it worse. So I've experimented and exercising usually eases the pain. There have been times where I have felt too bad to exercise but the majority of the time I try to go regardless as it definitely helps. I would experiment with different classes and see how it goes.


Research shows that paid after exercise is typical of endo. It's all about what works for you. I had to give up tae kwon do unfortunately. Yesterday I hit the gym wanting to do some hiit training so chose the bike instead of the treadmill as I found the bouncyness or running can aggravate it for me. Yoga has been proven to help though. There's many free YouTube bids and some can be a real strength workout or some can be specifically for pelvic pains.

There's an endo fitness fb group that may also help. I think its run by the research centre

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I'm in the same position as you. Last year I was doing around 3 Hiit classes a week and since March I have been unable to do anything. My pain isn't once a month like a lot of ladies as I don't have proper periods so I don't tend to have "good" weeks. I have found even walking aggravates the pelvis pain and back pain and I feel so weak. It really gets me down and I'm up a dress size because of it,

I mentally feel better after any type of exercise but the pain and weakness feeling is so bad after it. I am a strong believer in listening to your body, try it and if it's too much stop! Try something else. I am just sticking with walking and a few core exercises/stretches this month with the hope of building my fitness levels up Again and starting classss again in Jan (with all the new "new year resolution" group, so I don't stand out as being a beginner again)

Hope you find something that will help. X


Hi Ana, I dint know if it's a proven issue but I can say that I get this too. I have tried to do things like road trip to London, walls, exercise and the aftereffects are so painful that it really does become disheartening. I become so bogged down by the pain it lasts upto a week with sharp cramps and unbearable pains. I just wanted you to know toured not alone.




Hello I ran 3 to 4 times a week until I was rushed into hospital with endo pain.that was in June and I haven't been able to run since. I would say if you can do it and get no pain then you go girl. I really can't wait to get back out there on the road again! Good luck xx

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If i have done too much exercise i will know about it, but in general to keep moving i feel better and more positive.

I think you just need to find how much exercise you can do and not to get too much done in one day. I know with a good day we want to everything, but will feel this on a day later.

Try maybe as well gentle yoga exercises and breathing exercises, this makes me feel good and i try to go outside once a day to out for a walk.

Good luck!!


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