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1 week post lap - why do I feel so rubbish?!

I had my diagnostic laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and dye test last Wednesday. By Monday and early Tuesday this week I felt great. A little sore but nothing major to report, so decided to venture out for some shopping and lunch with my mum yesterday. Only for a few hours so nothing strenuous.

Since then I've felt absolutely dreadful. Dizzy, sick and exhausted.

I took two dihydrocodeine tablets last night due to period pain. Started my period on Saturday and it was really light and virtually pain free until last night when period pain started with a vengeance. It's also suddenly become very heavy.

I'm also almost a week into a 1 month decapeptyl injection and wondered if it carries side effects of nausea and light-headedness.

Or could it be simply down to doing too much yesterday?

Any experiences you wouldn't mind sharing of any of the above?

Many thanks ☺

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I think it is quite likely that you just overdone it. I happen to me a few times after my lap. I thought I was fine because I had no pain while resting and as soon as I did something that took some effort I was exhausted and in pain for the next day or two. Try to take it easy for a few days and be conscious that while you might feel and look fine in the outside you are still healing in the inside. Take care x


Hi, I was the same as she hulk, sort if felt alright resting, and then like you went a done abit of walking and was back down again within the hour, try to rest, your body's been through a lot, you have had a camera and prongs pushing and pulling around your organs, we do forget what it actually involves, rest rest and drink water, good luck and I hope you have a speady recovery. Xxx


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