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Bladder problems

Hi all,

Has anyone experience bladder problems with endo?

I've been suffering with Nocturia and night time frequency for other a year now. Been to several urologists and gynaecologists, and they're suggesting a lap for endo they're pretty sure I have. Just wondered if anyone had dealt with these symptoms along with the others, cos I'm on my last nerve!

Also, doctor seems very pushy on the Mirena coil, but all I seem to hear are problems about there?!


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Yes! I feel your pain with bladder issues! I can get up 8 times a night feeling desperate and only results in a small trickle each time!

Out of interest do you find your bladder to be painful, and do toi notice any improvement when on antibiotics? X


I experience the trickle too! I've been up and down with it.. I can have a good month and then it hits me out of nowhere. It is only painful during my time of the month. They've stopped putting me on antibiotics since I've been under a urologist, so I couldn't really say!


Hi I have bladder endometriosis. I've answered a few posts on here before. Hopefully you are being treated at a endometriosis specialist centre as if you need surgery you will need involvement from both urologists and gynaecologist's. It sounds like you are seeing the right people at the moment.

I'm taking mirabegron which I think has been helping with the urinary frequency. I've been on prostap for 11 months and when I last saw the urologist he said that the prostap had helped reduce some of the endometriosis. My main problems at the moment are bladder pain which os all the time and leakage which is all the time as well. I have to have a complex surgery in June involving removing a portion of my bladder and repositioning my ureters as well as excising other areas of endo.

As you've seen urologists I'm assuming they've given you some tips. I find it does help to watch what you eat and I've found relief from avoiding alcohol, spicy foods, chocolate, acidic foods and sugar for me causes me problems so I'm having to avoid that at the moment. I also try to stick to 1.5 litres of fluid a day, any more and I'm in the loo too much.

Have you not had a diagnostic lap to diagnose endo? Also have you had a pelvic MRI?


Hi, thanks so much for your comment - I'm really suffering at the mo!

I'm currently seeing a gynaecologist and urologist seperately. I've had a cystoscopy to look inside my bladder, and now my gynae is booking me in for a lap later on this year. I am going to discuss this with the urologist when I see them in a few weeks!

I've had a urogram which showed nothing, so I'm gonna find out what the next step is when I visit the urologist. I think alcohol has aggravated it, because I've been ok bladder wise for a few months - had two drinks, and I'm back in pain again!


The pain is terrible, I completely understand...

If they find endo then request a referral to a endometriosis specialist clinic as bladder endo is not very common and is quite complex.

I don't know much about urograms but with a pelvic MRI some endometriosis will show up so it's a good thing to do to help them see areas of endo prior to a lap. Maybe this is something you can ask for.

I used to love a nice glass of wine or a nice cocktail but it really causes me problems, I'm also currently in pain cos I had some alcohol a few weeks ago, its a nightmare. Check out this supplement prelief.com it may be helpful. I bought some from Amazon, I haven't used it that much cos I think for me I just need to avoid bladder irritating things all together due to the endo but you might find it useful


Thanks for your comments. When I see my urologist, I will broach the issue and see what they say.

I'm 6 days in to my lack of sleep time now, hoping it's going to ease soon, it's normally gone by now!


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