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2 laparoscopies in a month!


Long time, no post!

After some advice really.

I had a second laparoscopy yesterday, it is my second one in 3 weeks! I'm obviously really suffering with pain, more pain than the first one. My belly button incision was left open this time and packed with gauze instead of being stitched because i had a minor infection from the last one still!

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? How did you manage at home? How long did it take you to recover?

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Sorry can't help as not been in this position just wanted to say sorry your having such a bad time of it and hope u start feeling better soon x

Did they find anything with your 2nd lap?

Take care and message if you need a chat


Thank you, it was to remove my appendix, but needed some laparoscopy advice so figured this was the best place to ask people lol x


Yeah it is - i agree x

Hope it's helped with your pain and you finally start to feel better x


Oh my goodness you poor thing!

I've had my belly button reopened after both laps due to infection. Unfortunately it was opened with a local while i was awake. Not the most pleasant experience.

It will heal surprisingly quickly. I think mine was almost fully closed after a week.

They've probably already mentioned it but don't have baths or anything that will keep it wet for long periods as it will slow the healing process down.

Hope you start feeling better soon! X

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Really feeling for you hun I can't believe you have had 2 in a month feel so sorry for you.

I'm hoping you will heal better with this one and you will be feeling better soon hun



And there's me getting stressed out over just 1!! Mines on Monday, bless you that's all I can say. And you need to have rest rest and more rest in order for you to get over your operations. so anything that you have wanted to do over time a film or a books maybe I'm making a list so I don't go stir crazy.I will have to be in my room when I come home. I have two 3 year olds that even when I say now, don't jump on my stomach, they forget so I can't take any chances. I'm having a mass removed from my c section scar as well as lap for endo. I know I will find it hard my rooms drives me crazy now when I have to just lay here in pain. So big hugs x


Hopefully your BB will heal quicker this way. I reacted to the glue they put in mine and two of my incisions got infected. The glue had to be pulled out and I was left with an open hole in both my umbilical and another incision. It healed much quicker after that. I do have keloid scarring on the umbilical one though as the hole was so big my body made a lot of tissue to fill it (kinda gross!).

Rest up. Try to eat nourishing foods. If it's nice weather where you are and you have a garden, perhaps you could sit or lie for a little bit outside. Your body will be processing all the anaesthetic and drugs you've been given. It takes quite a while for all that to leave your system. You might feel a bit run down generally (hence the nourishing foods - keep the vitamin and mineral levels up). If you've been given antibiotics for the infection you might want to take a probiotic to replenish your good bacteria (try to buy one with as many different strains of bacteria as possible).

I hope you feel better soon! Xx



I had mine a couple of months apart, the first one to remove endo and the second to remove my appendix that he had noticed wasn't right while doing my first op. Unfortunately because it wasn't about to rupture and he didn't have my permission to remove it he couldn't do anything with it in the first operation. Was this the same for you?

When he went in the second time to my horror the endo he had removed previously was back already and had stuck my ovaries to the back of my pelvis again. This was a shock to me as I didn't know it could come back that quick.

The operation to remove my appendix and endo again was my 5th lap and I have to say the pain was worse for the three or four days following this operation than any of my previous ones.

However we have all put up with worse I am sure. I actually live alone and although the staff didn't know I didn't have anyone staying with me. I managed okay, took everything very slowly and I had friends on speed dial. I couldn't drive for a couple of weeks and I did have 3 weeks off work.

I hope you feel better soon

Victoria Xx


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