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Does anyone’s endo come and go from month to month?


Does anyone find that their endo is good some months and bad others?

So last month was terrible, and I suffered with endo symptoms pretty much the whole time, so much so after a consultation I booked in with a specialist for a second lap to remove the previous endo found (as last time it was only cauterised).

I’m due on my period in around week, and I haven’t really had any symptoms to speak of except some shooting pains here and there up my vagina, and some lower back pain which I think was from being constipated.

Now I feel like having my op in two weeks feels pointless, especially as I’m paying privately for it!

Maybe it will rear it’s ugly head as I get closer to my period!?!

So confused!!

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Hi, hun! I'm sorry for what you're facing.. I have severe endo. But suffer it differently from month to month. Also I had a lap some time ago. But actually that was done to get rid of pain and not to improve my fertility. We found out my eggs were useless, so had to pass ivf shots with donor egg to conceive our son. Coming back to the symptoms..

I only had pain during my period and it was severe at times, but not always. I did have a lot of lower back pain through out the month. Before my lap I had no idea how it would change the situation. Constant pain was under my uterus and on my bladder. I felt pain until around ovulation. The pain during my period felt like someone was inside of me with a knife and the pain went all the way down my legs. My legs felt as weak as cotton. Also painful intercourse. Another month I could have a normal pain free life. So my doctors weren't fast to suspect endo. It took more time to diagnose it.

Endo is very tricky I should say. You can have stage 1 with pain everyday and stage 4 and be pretty pain free outside menstruation.

The best of luck, hun, with your coming lapo. Heal well and keep posting. Hugs X

Louby84 in reply to Karinyaa

Thank you for your reply and sharing your story Karinyaa. It’s amazing to have the support on here, and talk to people that have been though similar situations.

My endo took about 8 Years to diagnosis’s last april( apparently it was only mild )

I thought after the op, and going on the pill it would stop the pain, but it returned within 6 months and has progressively gotten worse.

Last month I suffer from constant pain in my bladder/uterus area, stabbing shooting pains, lower back pain, fatigue and general pelvic pain.

This month not so much, I did have bladder pain around ovulation this month, and now I have a really bad lower back but thats it, so it’s playing on my mind.

Maybe the difference last month was that I bled twice throughout the month so it made the pain worse overall?

I think I keep going over it in my head and thinking is this actually all in my head, have the symptoms returned or if it something else and is this op pointless?

I suppose one good thing is I know it will be removed this time, and I’m seeing an endometriosis specialist whereas last time it was just a normal gynaecologist.


Hey Louby84 I get months with pain, months without. No particular pattern at all. Sometimes lots a pain and I suffer a lot with it irritating my bladder, and then it will just pass, then start up again. Really no rhyme or reason to it. I just try to appreciate when it's not there.

Sex will kick it off. I think also maybe when I'm exhausted. Also, if I don't take the pill (I came off it a few months) the pain exacerbates, and I've noticed if I take my OCP continuously that can help after a few months and I almost forget all about it. Almost! But then tender breasts and stuff as side effect.

For me it's been a fallacy that it's related to a cycle

Hey, thank you for your reply.

Yep, some days I feel completely normal, and then others I’m like a different person. Yesterday I had the bladder irritation again which stopped me sleeping, but today I have been fine accept when I went swimming this evening I was getting shooting pain every time I frogged my legs 😕

I have come off the pill this month ready for my op so I’m not looking forward to my period!

yeah. It usually depends for me on my stress and sleep levels, how I've been eating and how much exercise I've managed. Last month I battoned down the hatches and my cycle was ok except the first day and waking up in pain when it started. The month before I was in excruciating pain and laying on the floor in tears.

It’s good to know that I’m not alone with the symptoms changing from month to month.

In my head I’ve been worrying that they aren’t going to find any endo this time during my op, even though I know they found it last time- so stupid I know!!

I have tried the exercise theory, last month it made no difference at all, and I was so poorly I didn’t do much for a couple of weeks. It’s a vicious circle!

I’m trying to swim as much as possible this week hoping it will help my upcoming period!

Sleep is also an issue for me, I find when I get the bladder irritation I cannot get comfortable. I’ve been prescribed tramadol to help in my bad nights but I’m reluctant to take it very often.

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