In so much pain still

Hi Ladies, hope you are all OK. Well my pain is getting worse, none of my tablets for the pain are working, I'm on 30mg co-codomol 500mg paracetamol and they are making me even more constipated and so tired. I'm already really tired everyday to the point where on a weekend I have to take 3-4 naps in the day. I have burn marks by my abdomen from my hot water bottle because of the pain trying to help it. It hurts like hell when me and my husband make love and it is so annoying. I have only had one injection of the Depo but once I have had my appt with the consultant on 7th March I will not be staying on it as I do not like the side effects and it isn't helping with my pain anyway. Has anyone been on the depo injection and how long did it take for your periods to come back? As I have only had one injection I'm hoping it wont be too long.

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  • Hiya, I've been on and off the depo injection for years, always found it a good form of contraception, I think once it's Worn off maybe 1-2 months I think to get your periods again xx

  • Thank you hun. I hope it won't to long. xx

  • Hi Becky - with your symptoms you need to be seen in a specialist centre. The NHS protocol is to try hormone meds for 3 months or so but if they are ineffective you should then have a lap. You can choose a lap anyway. You have a high risk of endo with your first degree family members having it. You need to take control of your treatment now. Where in the UK are you?

  • Thank you Lindle. I am in the West Midlands I have my appt with the consultant and I will be making sure I have the lap. No progesterone meds are working so not sure what else to do.

  • Hi Becky

    Your symptoms suggest endo affecting your bowel and this must only be dealt with in a specialist centre. The surgeons there have done two years advanced excision training whereas general gynaecologists will typically have very limited basic skills. Additionally general gynaecologists often miss endo in the rectovaginal area as it can't always even be seen at a lap so you risk being told you don't have it when you might. On top of that they will usually use diathermy (heat treatment) to ablate endo which means just burning the surface. Not only does this rarely treat endo thoroughly but it can damage surrounding tissue and cause nerve damage and add to your pain. Both ablation and excision are carried out in centres using laser which doesn't involve heat. As you are in England you can see any one you want under NHS Choices so I strongly suggest you get a referral to a centre which can be done by a GP. Have a look at my post on how to find a centre. x

  • How do I find the specialist Centre? What do I type into Google? Thank you for your advice. I keep having flare ups of bloatingness and it's so horrible, I keep losing my appetite.

  • This should take you to my post x

  • Have you tried naproxen along with paracetomol? I had to stop taking co codomal because of the constipation.

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