I'm a bit of a surgery veteran, having had 2 laprascopys a ovarian cyst removal and an hysterectomy. Today, after a long trial on hormone treatment (Zoladex and progesterone) I am now on the waiting list for a laparotic bilateral oophorectomy. I was wondering if anyone has had success with HRT and how it worked out? I have had Tibolone whilst on my recent treatment but I didn't get on with it.

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi - I assume your hysterectomy wasn't done because of endo since you retained your ovaries. Are you now having those removed because of endo? If so where is/was it and has it been completely excised? Can I ask how old you are.

  • Hi

    It was actually part of the reason...go figure, but I was also bleeding 24/28 days and have a complex gynaecological history.

    I'm 38 but I have grown up children so I went with it when the doc took it all away. I have since changed hospitals and specialist.

    When I was on Zoladex treatment it was like someone turning the 'music off' pure blissful silence from the pain. Just a shame that I was allergic to the implants.


  • The critical thing for you is where the endo was and whether it was completely excised as it can continue growing after your ovaries are removed. Having your symptoms go with Zoladex might indicate that it will settle but there will be no way of knowing so thorough excision of any residual endo at the time of your oophorectomy will be essential. If your endo is in a place such as behind your uterus it would be best carried out in a specialist centre. Since endo is an autoimmune disease of as yet unknown cause there are often many allergies involved and intolerance to medications. This often includes autoallergy to our own hormones or synthetic equivalents. So you might find yourself allergic to the oestrogen replacement. The aim with HRT in such a case as yours is to get your level at a point that it protects bones but is insufficient to trigger endo growth or allergy. This is done by trial and error but the recommended level to aim at would be no more than 200 - 300 pmol/L. I would recommend avoiding an implant in favour of patches as you can control those. You mention that you have had Zoladex a long time but Tibolone recently. I would suggest that you ask for a DEXA scan before you have your ovaries out so you have a base point for your bone density to work from. You can get these done privately quite reasonably. Click on my name and have a look at my posts, especially the one on post menopausal endo after TAH and BSO. x

  • Thank you

  • Just seen this and am interested to hear an update. I have recently had ovaries removed and am struggling with the HRT. I tried patches and I basically cried at least3x a day so am on tablets. Nauseous, headachey and irritatable. However, I now have raised liver enzymes which may be due to hrt. I am very sensitive to any Meds so who knows what's next. My word of caution is to make sure you can tolerate hrt or have a back up plan before the event! Hope to hear what happened. Take care.

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