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Lap is a week today

Hi everyone,

My lap is a week today! I've had horrible pain in my lower back, bum and on the right side of my back last night. Had my heat pad on most ofthe night and man it really hurt this morning. I've got the pains down the leg and my muscles ache and hurt in various parts of my legs. Roll on next week so I can find out exactly what is going on.

I have an apt on Friday to go and have my bloods taken for the op next week - don't remember having that 20 years ago. My husband now has next wed-fri off work and as he's not working from home now on the Thursday/Friday, he will be able to concentrate on all the things that will need doing plus looking after me! He has also asked his mum to come up on the Tuesday after bank holiday to help out, as I don't think I'm going to able to do a great deal and it's half term. Hoping she will come for longer than her usual hours. Shall see.

When I do the weekly shop this week I'm going to get some peppermint tea and also get some of the peppermint capsules, that I've seen mentioned on here. I do remember the gas pain in my shoulders etc to be really painful afterwards.


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