Settling into the pill

Hi all, could anyone please let me know if they've had period like pain when starting on the pill? Saw my consultant last week, I was diagnosed after a laparoscopy in December. My periods since my surgery are getting more and more painful. So she's put me on the pill to stop them completely which is super - only I feel after only 5 days of taking them that I'm about to have another period with all the usual aches and pains! 😢 feel so low, after my op I felt like a new woman. I'm learning that this condition is a very tricky one to get under control. Feel like I am going mad though, and just the thought of battling this pain for the next however many weeks months years is exhausting enough!

Any words of encouragement out there? Is it normal to ache like this whilst the pill kicks in?

L xx

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Not sure for certain, but I feel the doctor would say to give it time to settle. What pill did you get put on?

I trust my consultant completely - she's the only one who listened to me and took my pain seriously. Because of that I am determined to continue to take these and allow them time to settle like you say. I'm in mycrogynon. Just feel so low today via my period isn't even due and I'm hurting! Xxx

I was put on microgynon after my lap as well. Not sure whether that's helped or more likely to do with the lap. I've found cramps are better but headaches are worse on this one, prev only got a headache at the end, now it lasts the full time. I want to stay on it but and see how things go. They asked me to be part of the clinical study for best treatment for endo and it was microgynon that was the pill (other options were the coil, jag, or nothing at all) not sure if that's because they think microgynon is the better pill to be on or whether it's more cost effective...

I was on that but because i was getting headaches they took me off it as this is a really bad side effect x

Have they put u on a different one now? Xx

Yh they have, I think its one with hardly no oestrogen in and the headaches have stopped but that's when I had my week of terror cos my body was getting used to it :) xxx

My consultant said that this one has good level of hormones - not too much but enough to try to control my hormones which at the age of 35 will still be raging around and not decreasing naturally yet!

When was your lap? Yes my options were this pill, coil ( not an option for me as I have a tilted uterus and from the research I've done it's even more painful) plus if it doesn't work I've gotta get it out again and tbh I've had that much poking, prodding, scanning, scraping and general indignities go on that I can't face having that put in. If this pill doesn't settle she'll put me on cerazette and failing that she said we'll discuss hysterectomy. I'm 35, and really don't want that yet!

Have u been on the pill for long now? Xx

Yeah I said the coil could be an option but only because it was going to be done at same time as the lap so I would be under General. It doesn't sound too pleasant haha. I had my lap start of December. Went on microgynon in January. I've been on 3 different ones over the years. I'm 25 and not had children yet so I am hoping I don't have issues with fertility. Have you had any children if they are considering hysterectomy? I hope your pill settles down and it doesn't come to that.

Yes thank goodness I've had 2 children. I had them at 26&28 and I'm

So glad now that I did it then as if I'd left it till now who knows what the situation could be.

They think I've had Endo since my teens. Trouble is all I've known is feeling like this so painful periods have always been normal for me. the last thing I really want is a hysterectomy as they said they'd take ovaries and everything and then put me on hrt which I believe comes with its own new set of complications! The joys!

Thanks so much for your comments. I'll gonna persevere with the pill and painkillers and hope that it all settles down in a month or so xxxx

Hi :) my gp changed me to a different pill as I was getting headaches. That first week was horrible, I felt like my insides were being ripped up. Since that week I have been a lot better and only get random pain, I think it's just your body getting used to it. I know how you must be feeling and hopefully it'll stop soon :) xx

Thank u, i know it's early days but just wasn't expecting pain like this so soon from taking the pill and especially when it's not even when I'm due! kind of reassuring to hear your first week was similar. I think I have completely underestimated the effects of this horrible illness!

Yh it is horrible but I love this site, everybody is all in the same boat so understands what you're going through and can help when things get rough :) xx

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